happy 2nd birthday. Athan!

by - May 17, 2010

It's Athan's 2nd Birthday today and boy is he growing up fast! Cliche as it may sound but it's as if it were only yesterday he was just cradled in my arms and all bundled up. Now he's such a big boy and talkative as ever. But no matter what, he will always and forever be my baby. :)

We celebrated his birthday at Market Cafe. A buffet restaurant here at Taipei and we pretty much enjoyed the food but the service isn't something we would give a thumbs up. They were quite relaxed and a bit rude for a staff. Thank goodness the food compensated their actions and we still had a good night so it was all good. Plus Athan was really happy throughout the night because of the nice presents he got from Tita and Mom. He's such a car boy as you can see in the picture. :) Happy birthday for him, indeed.

As he was trying to blow out his candles, all I wished for him was to always have a good health, much happiness and to remain a good boy as he is now. I love you, Athan. Always remember that. Mommy and Daddy will do anything for you and the only thing We want is what's best for you and to bring you up a happy child. Happy Birthday again and more birthdays to come, Love!

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  1. You're such a sweet and pretty mom sis :) Happy birthday to Athan!!! :)

  2. Wow! Happy Birthday to Athan :) You are really a wonderful mom :)

  3. Aww. Happy Birthday to Athan! :> He's so cuuuute!


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