Taiwan day 5

by - May 10, 2010

Yesterday was Mother's Day and what a wonderful way to spend it being in another country with your loved ones. It could have been better if I was also with Gersh but we'll just make up for it when I get back to Manila. :) For now I spent it with Athan, Mom and Tita.

Our first agenda was to drop by Taipei 101 to get Athan some books from PAGE ONE bookstore and maybe have a look around since the bookstore is my favorite place to be. When we got there we got Athan 3 car books. He's at a phase right now where he really loves cars so we pretty much encourage that by making him choose what kind of cars he wants us to buy or we incorporate his likeness for cars through books for learning.
Athan's shopping goodies
Upon paying for Athan's books, he was getting a bit heavy in my arms so Mom told me to put him on his stroller and unfortunately when I turned to his stroller, I wasn't aware that there were poles half my size beside me and I tipped over and fell. Bloopers much? The quiet atmosphere of the bookstore was very much disturbed by moi. Plus I was embarrassed to the core, but nothing a good notebook that I've been looking for so long can't fix. ;) I bet people who love the Page One notebook would know how happy I feel seeing this kind of Page One notebook since most or probably all of non-velvet ones are sold out. That's the reason why I got the velvet one before because of the fact that National Bookstore already ran out of these---

But of course if you're already in THE Page One bookstore, how can you run out?:) I was thrilled and still am.

After our Page One bookstore adventure we went to Mitsukoshi mall to get the dress we reserved last Tuesday from EDC and MNG because if we didn't get them they would give it to another buyer and here at Taipei, believe me they easily run out of extra small and small sizes. Women here have small bodies. That's why if you see something that appeals to you, go get it! Don't wait.

Also my body's kinda tricky, like my Mom said. I'm not the type who looks great in every clothing. I have to try it out first and see if it looks good on me or if it looks sloppy and most often dresses are not my forte, that's why when we saw these dresses look good, Mom got them for me.

So after getting the stuffs we needed we headed to Chilis for our Mother's Day celebration. We were so hungry from all the walking we did that as soon as the food got to our table, we started eating---
Athan was sound asleep so he wasn't able to eat but as soon as he woke up he started munching on his garlic bread--

And lastly here's a picture of Taipei's MRT are main source of transportation when we go to Taipei 101 or anywhere else. If you visit Taiwan I think this is the fastest way and best way to go tp any destination. :) Tested and proven!

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  1. Cool. :) Happy Mothers Day.

  2. the foods look yummmy!!! :D and wow shopping galore, saya! :D hope i can go to taipei too someday! :)

    happy mother's day sis!!

  3. taipei looks like a nice city. :3


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