friday im in love.♥

by - June 04, 2010

Don't you just love Fridays? I do, because Friday is the day that I get to relax a bit in school this term because I only have one subject that is 3 hours long then I'm home free. Also it's the day that I get to spend more quality time with my family.
  • With school today I had a great period. My professor seems cool and my groupmates and I had good chemistry even though we all don't know each other yet. We were talking to each other a lot and I think our group had the best presentation. I sense new class friends and I hope it goes a long way. :)
When I got home from school and Gersh from work, we made our weekly trip to the grocery. I don't know about you, but I just love going to the grocery. I like picking out my favorite snack, drink and food that I would like for lunch or dinner in the coming days or cook as well. Makes me feel all hungry and of course, Mommy mode! I also made a discovery--

Marty's Baconette Strips!

It's chips that looks exactly like bacon and has that smoky bacon flavor only without the meat as promised on the packaging. It's good but I easily got tired of the taste after a few bites. I think it's because I keep thinking of REAL bacon. But yeah, it's still a good buy.

After the grocery we headed for The Cruise where my Tito works and since it's his birthday today we opted to visit him and eat there as well.

It was pretty much a family affair today and I enjoyed it. A good start to my weekend. Plus tomorrow I'm going on my very first Palengke trip at Cartimar! Need to start learning the basics of being a good Mom and future wife. After the market there's more things that I'm looking forward to my Saturday and I can't wait!:)

How about you, what's your favorite about the weekend?

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  1. love going out with friends on weekends :) online sellers (or in my case! :D) can be loners hehe ;) I look forward to going outs! :)
    i love it that youre learning "the basics of being a good Mom and future wife"...ang cute! :D And i have to taste that if walang real meat naman! i love martys! :) (and i love grocery trips tooo! :))

  2. Me too. I so love Friday! The best day ♥

    "Need to start learning the basics of being a good Mom and future wife." -- I like this one. Good luck, Ate Ava in your life. Wish you all the best.

  3. ah i love fridays! after the hellish things ive been through the weekdays, it definitely feels great to have some rest. oh those baconette strips are good? im going to try it then!! :)

    hehe i think you're still a good mom even if you haven't learned those stuff yet. it's not easy lalo na on youre part! ;)

    have a nice day!


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