THE weekend!

by - June 06, 2010

On my last entry I was talking about how much I love fridays because it only means the weekend and so I wanna share with you guys what made my saturday and sunday happy---

Last Saturday Gersh and I went on a day off being parents and spent our whole Saturday at Linden Suites Hotel. The whole point of it was to celebrate our 3rd year Anniversary which will be on June 12. It's still a week from now but we decided to do it in advance since we haven't had much bonding since I came back from Taiwan and maybe we could just spend our real anniversary date with Athan as well.

During our little vacation, Gersh also treated me for dinner at Tijuana's Mexican Grill. A bit from our hotel since we did a lot of walking but even though it was tiring, the food and company compensated it very much. What I love most about our day off was when we get out of the hotel to go somewhere. May it be at Megamall or a walk to the Resto. It's there that we got to bond a lot. We talked about numerous things, got all cuddly and just enjoyed each others company. That's why I love Gersh very much. I realized how much I can never be quiet around him. I can just be my goofy self around and he loves me for that. Plus he did all this for us. A girl couldn't ask for more, right?

Hotels are love for me because it takes you away from stress and relaxes your mind and body. It made me feel like I was on a short vacation. And of course I love their food. We only had breakfast, but it was more than enough to complete our stay there.

For today we simply just spent the whole day with my side of the family. It was my Uncle's birthday so we had a dinner gathering at Hong Kong Chef. Wasn't able to take pictures of the event itself but I managed to take unrelated ones with my boys---

I'm trying to bring out the photographer in me even if I don't have a SLR. I don't think I need one. I believe it's how you take pictures not what the camera looks like. So far I think I'm on the border of ALRIGHT. :) What do you, guys think?

My weekend was all about family day and I really love it. Makes you have a stronger bond and realize more how you can't love without them. I truly thankful to God for giving me such a beautiful and wonderful family. As a kid I always wished for that. Even though I grew up without a Dad, it doesn't really feel any different because I have more than I could ever ask for. Real love. Real Family.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. Hello Ava! :) I have to agree with not needing an slr just to take pics. I often have this thing with knowing i can do the same thing with photos if only i have the right tools...but using a point and shoot cam can also take nice pictures. :)

    You have a lovely family, I love the photos you took :) And I just love hotels and the luxury feeling it provides ;)

  2. Aw, minsan I wish sa hotel na lang ako nakatira! :( Hahaha it feels so carefree and comfortable. I love staying in hotels! If not only for the pricey accommodation fees, I think I would like to actually live in one! Haha but it might get tiring after a while. :P OR NOT?

    Anyway, cute photos twin! Love them! :)


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