Go Benilde!

by - June 23, 2010

Every term I tell myself that i'll be more active in school. Not only towards academics but also with extracurriculars as well. Unfortunately during my first few terms at college, I failed every attempt. Except this term. I told myself I would be more involved and true enough the first step to that was me joining an organization and after my first class today when I heard the pep squad's loud drumming sound, I spontaneously dragged my friend Lycka and me to CSB's pep rally!

The Pep rally was fun, watching the different teams we have come out and cheer along with the pep squad. I'm a true green La Sallista and I really hope we do bring back the glory at the NCAA. :) Go Blazers!

Pep Rally was cut short for me and Lycka because we decided to go and apply as student volunteers at the Center of Social Action and we'll have our interview this Monday. Hopefully all goes well and we'll be able to put our spare time into good use. :)

After the Pep Rally I decided not to deflate my La Salle balloon/clapper for Athan. So, imagine me having to carry that around in school and at the LRT, looking super loyal to my alma mater! But I didn't mind. When I got home Athan was over the moon seeing the balloon. He clapped that balloon as if he was also in the pep rally!

Our little La Sallista..Like Mommy and Daddy!
All in all I dub this day as productive. I feel immensely happy with how I'm doing in school and I really hope my good progress continues. For now, I'm going to enjoy my one day vacation--


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  1. I always vow to be "active" in school every new year, I miss that! planning on what org to join this time!...and i miss going to pep rallies and all the "school spirit"!
    hey good luck with the interview for the socio civic org ava! :) you're so sweet for bringing home the balloons to athan :) :)

  2. I love being involved. Can you tell? Hahaha! But yeah, I don't know why but it's like a drug. Esp if you like what you're doing, work doesn't seem like "work" anymore. :p Good luck!! Hope to see you soon. :)


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