My first love--Archaeology

by - June 22, 2010

Next stop France for oldest baby mammoth

Name: Khoma. Looks like: A baby mammoth. Age: somewhere above 50,000 years. Discovered in the permafrost of northern Siberia just last year, this rare example of prehistoric monster is on its way to Paris to be analysed, treated for the germs it's harbouring and eventually placed on display.

I can never seem to find news such as this not interesting. When I was 14 years old I used to love anything about mummies, fossils and anything ancient, historical, involves digging and a lot of dirt! But I considered my forte towards more on Egypt's finest. I actually memorized pharaohs names and from what era the came from and as my past time every weekend I would hunt down Archaeology books from Goodwill and National Bookstore. People I know even buy me Egyptian books as a gift. I was a geek for those kind of things and I'm enraptured at the sight of museums that offered such exhibits.

Mom took me to one Museum before that involved The Mesopotamia and at the souvenir shop I got this cool mini digging tools where I had to dig (and I mean really dig) for pot parts and glue it all by myself. Up to now it's still one of my pride works and is displayed on my study table. It was a good childhood past time. Just too bad I wasn't able to continue it. A could be in Med school right now studying about them. But not the bloody kind of Med, okay? I cringe at the sight of blood. I'm more into bloodless and no sight of anything still alive tissues, hence Mummified.

I guess you're wondering why I'm in Business where in I really loved Archaeology. Well, that's a long story. It was a discouraged idea and I guess from then on I lost my love for it or shall I say Knack at it. I actually find it sad because it seems like a dead dream, but maybe someday when the time is right and I could travel the world I could study about it and pursue that dream. I realized I shouldn't kill a dream just because it seems impossible here. How can we say impossible when the word says IM-POSSIBLE, right? (Thanks to the wonder Ms. Audrey Hepburn for that..) I will study it over and over again until I start loving it. But for now I guess I have to love what I do here and when I graduate I hope I get the opportunity to go to the Holy Land and Egypt! I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that. ;)

"Never Lose faith and always believe that everything is possible as long as you believe long enough for it to come true."- ME

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  1. aww, i feel this way too when i think of my first love which is fashion and just like you, i thought that i had killed this dream of mine of becoming a fashion designer by taking up a course w/c is not at all related to Fashion. but you're right, we could always get back to it. :)) lovely blog dear!


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