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by - July 01, 2010

I love playing Facebook games and I'm sure most of my friends there know that. I've already played about 14 games ever since I started FB and hooked on six of them. My current favorite game is Pet Society because aside from its cute features, I also get to channel my love for fashion by dressing up my pet in different outfits. Makes me feel like a stylist ;)---

I adore fashion, I'm no pro at it though, because I have this comfort zone in being casual and comfortable. I tend to drift more on the, "just-get-the-first-thing-you-see-in-your-closet and go.." But lately I've been trying hard to change that attitude and work on my own style.

I recently made a Chictopia account so that I could see the individual styles of other people and also I started seeking tips in magazines; where to find good but inexpensive items, thrift stores and vintage finds.

Last weekend I got myself a cute pair of "geeky" eye glasses and a few people have asked me where I got it---

I actually got mine at good 'ol Greenhills. But I understand that's not exactly near and accessible to everyone, so if you're looking for a pair, I would recommend Ms. Ana Gonzales' very own, ANAGON COLLECTION featuring "GEEK GLASSES!" They sell out real quick, so better get one while you can! Plus, I consider Ms. Ana one of THE best and talented online sellers at Multiply. That's a promise. ;)

Aside from the eye glasses, I also found this exceptionally cute Frog Prince charm bracelet. I wasn't planning on getting it since I was controlling my shopping urges, but I guess Gersh saw the twinkle in my eyes and eventually volunteered to buy it for me. :) Tee-Hee.

It is absolutely love and my favorite bracelet. Very much living up to my love for fairy tales. :)

I still have a lot to learn about fashion, but I enjoy all the new things I discover about it, especially when I come up with my own style. ;)

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  1. I wish such passion for fashion! Oh the geek glasses are so cool 8D thanks for recommending a shop ate! And your pet in petsoc is so cute :S I wish I had time to play that, it's just so adorable! My pet is now probably sulking because he hasn't taken a bath for years x)

  2. Haha omg, nadine I can't help but comment. that is soo cute! haven't taken a bath in years? Same as my boyfriend siguro if i don't play with HIS pet in PS. =p and you're very welcome!

  3. hala natouch naman ako sis sa plug!! :) THANK YOU !!! :) And I have to say na you have youre own style din! I love your trinkets kanina super cute :) tuloy tuloy lang natin, kahit commuters pa tayo kayang kaya maging fashown! :) it's a challenge! hehehe! :)

  4. welcome, ms. ana!:) you have really great stuffs! and yes, tuloy ang fashion!!


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