Forever 21 in Manila!

by - July 03, 2010

After the long wait and questioning myself if I would go or not, I finally went to the public opening of Forever 21 at SM Megamall today!:) I have been so haunted by all the sneak peek pictures I see from fashion bloggers that I always tweet how excited I really am for its opening. Believe it or not, I even dreamed about not being able to buy any of the accessories that I wanted because they were all sold out! That's how much I wanted to go to F21, even my dreams haunt me!

Before going to SM Megamall, of course it's friday, I had to wait until my 3 hour class was over until I could go and frankly, during that time I felt like that was the longest 3 hours of my life. I finished the essay paper our professor asked us to do ahead of time and seeing I had 30 more minutes to spare, out of boredom I was actually thinking of rewriting it just for fun. (Crazy, I know!) Eventually, I heard the sound of our bell, I shouted "FREEEEDOOOMM!!" inside my head and it was pure bliss!

The MRT ride was the worst part about going, but still worth it when I met up with Gersh and headed to the 2nd floor. There it was! Pretty mannequins and bright lights! We still had to line up though, but thank goodness it was only for 5 minutes. When it was our turn to enter the store, I grabbed Gersh's arm and headed right for the accessory corner! :)

I stayed at the accessory area for about 15 minutes, trying out bangles, picking out necklaces and believe me that's long! Others would browse and grab things in less than a minute and move to another area. It took me a while to decide on these babies, but they're absolutely love! Plus, they mean something because Gersh got them for me. He's a really patient and sweet boyfriend. :)

While people went wild on clothes, I panicked on accessories. There are racks and racks of necklaces, sunnies, headbands, earrings, bracelets and etc. That you wouldn't know where to start! So, After finalizing what I really wanted, Gersh and I headed to the cashier and my, oh, my! What a loooooong line! We stood there for 30 minutes and I ended up taking a picture of the place out of hunger, thirst and boredom---

(Sorry for the arm. I was trying to do it discreetly Hehe..)

I think I was the only person who walked out of that store with a tiny bag. Everyone had huge bags, but even though I had a small bag I was completely happy and satisfied with my items. Plus seeing the place was really my main goal and I had a great time bonding with Gersh, so now I can sleep in peace!
To those who haven't gone, just make sure you wear comfy shoes and bring lotsa moolah! I'm sure you'd go wild over the affordable prices too. Have a great weekend and have fun shopping! ;)

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  1. Looking cute shopping around in F21 in that outfit, twin! :-)

  2. you look so chic sis!! :D WOW talaga F21 super! Other than super ganda na ng pieces, the prices were super ok!!! :D And ang sweet ni Gersh for tagging along with you, im also like you when shopping, i take a looong time on one section just to decide, hahaha!


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