Viva Espana!!

by - July 08, 2010

I have never watched a single world cup game in my life up until last week, when Argentina vs. Germany played. I was really cheering on for Argentina, but sadly the lost. :( But my real bet in the world cup 2010 is Spain and i'll be bias by saying I love Sergio Ramos! hehe! I've been cheering them on via twitter and tumblr since their game vs. Portugal and may I say, it was worth every tweet!

They have finally won against Germany and now the only team left to beat is Netherlands. I think it's going to be a tough fight, seeing that both of them made it this far. The final's is this coming sunday. I really hope I get to watch them. :( I hate not having a channel for world cup. But incase I don't get to cheer while watching, there will always be Twitter. ;)

Good luck, Spain! Viva Espana!!:)

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  1. yes!!! Viva La Espana!!! Puyol is my man!!! he's such a hardworker. and Ramos, Alonso and Casillas are so guapo, noh?

    have you seen the video of Casillas kissing his girlfriend on national TV?

  2. Yes, indeed guapo!! I haven't seen it yet! thanks for the link, ms. kookie!:)


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