Message from God

by - July 06, 2010

Whenever I feel like life's getting a bit too tough on me or I'm just having a bad day, I often seek comfort through what Facebook's application calls, "MESSAGE FROM GOD." Along side praying, this helps me surpass any negative thoughts. It's as if God himself is talking to me and comforting me in any form he can.

Like last week. I received a really bad comment from this girl who clearly doesn't know anything about me. After giving her my side, I told myself I would ignore her. She's obviously miserable with herself and wants to drag people along with her. So instead of adding more to the argument, I just backed down and will just leave her to God. I really hope she changes and understands that posting uncalled for comments won't do anyone any good. What she posted really hurts but I thank God for giving me family and friends who always defends my honor.

Come what may I never lose my faith in God. Whether that incident really hurt me, I avoid blaming it on God nor do I lose hope. I know he has his reasons and his plans are way beyond what we imagine.

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