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by - August 22, 2010

AVA in 30 days challenge:Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have


I love shopping too much. I could probably call myself a certified shopaholic already with the past activities that I've been getting myself into. At present it's the habit that I wish I didn't tolerate so much. But I can't help it sometimes. Whenever I see something really cute, trending in fashion and unique, I easily give in. :( Sad really. I need more WILL power. Believe it or not though I told myself over and over last night that no matter how many things I lust for now, they will eventually change (sensing how the fashion industry is...fickle!) and have new styles. So, instead of acquiring every new thing that comes out that I like, might as well just wait, save, and tell myself that malls won't run out of things to sell. They will always be there. *Peace of mind* I hope I can keep this avoid-unnecessary-buying thing. I want to think that saving will benefit me in countless ways. Agree? :)

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  1. oh geez can totally relate here ava! i stopped buying big stuff now (impulsively), but now i buy the littlest things na di naman pala sulit afterwards...nooo! ;p

    PS: love the magazinessss!!!! <3

  2. i totally agree.. whenever there's a sale, it's just so hard to resist even though i know i may have something similar to it in my closet.. hahaha!

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