If we ever meet again

by - August 20, 2010

AVA in 30 days challenge:Day 03- A picture of you and your friends


This was taken during the end of my senior year and friend's debut. I think I was 7 months pregnant with Athan during this time. :)

These three gorgeous ladies are the BEST friends a girl could ever ask for. They sticked with me through hot waters and happy hours. When one of us is in trouble or sad, we're always there to cheer up each other. I'm fortunate and very proud to have them as my friends.

We're now in different schools. As in the four of us each have different colleges, so it's quite hard for us to see each other, but from time to time we make sure we keep in touch. Our high school will be having a reunion soon and I'm hoping that they could make it so we could bond again. Missing these girls terribly!

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  1. What, you were 7 months preggy in that picture?! :O It's not even obvious with your tummy! :O WOW. Just wow, achi Ava. :)

    And it's really nice to have those friends that stick with you 'til the very end and even if you guys are far from each other. :)

  2. haha yes, divina! i was 7 months preggy! haha i don't know why it wasn't that big wherein athan came out 7.6 pounds haha weird. and thank you! friends like that are treasures!

  3. You all look very happy. :-)



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