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by - August 31, 2010

This week has been SO busy. The family and I kept going in and out of the house since Friday and we are just pooped! To summarize it, let me give you an idea:

  • Friday-After my 3 hour class, I met up with Gersh to buy a birthday gift and shopped for Athan's usual diaper and milk.
  • Saturday- I had to go to school to meet up my groupmates to do a project, which lasted for 5 hours. =| Then rushed home to prepare for a kiddy party and high school reunion.
  • Sunday- Went to Gersh's place and visit his Mom and Nanay Lucing.
  • Monday- Tagged along with Gersh at the office because he had some work to finish.
These photos were taken during Athan's nth kiddy party. He really loves mascots. I don't know why some kids are so scared of them, wherein Athan just simply adores them! His favorite of all time would be Jollibee. Hehe. He's really trying to get the mascot's attention in this picture.



The party was held at Timezone, so for their birthday package we were offered at 1 hour unlimited play card and we pretty much abused that by swiping in almost all yellow, red and blue swipers. Too bad they didn't allow us to swipe on the purple ones, which composed the claw machines, really expensive rides, and photo booths. Smarty pants! But it was still fun.

After the party, we were originally suppose to head to Dasma village and attend my Alumni Homecoming, but who ever heard of a php 500 entrance fee?? Like my friend said, It wouldn't have been a problem if we were earning our own money already, but since we're not, we just decided to all meet up at Army Navy G5.



And you know, despite not attending the real thing of a reunion, we still ended up having such a good time. Because, truth is you don't need a school just to get together. All you need is GOOD COMPANY. We're actually planning to do this every year. Instead of going to our alma mater, we'll just have our own reunion. :)

Yesterday, even though if was declared a holiday, Gersh still had to go to his office and finish something. The only fun part of it was Athan and I got to tag along with him. The office was empty when we got there. No one occupying their respective cubicles and no limits to what we could do. So, what did Athan and I do while waiting for Gersh? Play MARCO POLO, of course! Hehe. I hid and shouted Marco! While Athan searched endlessly in cubicles. It was really funny, because he would run to Gersh if he can't find me. =P After Gersh's work, we went to Greenhills and had dinner at Le Ching's and went home.

It was a busy week, alright but it was also a great week!:) I'm glad that I got to spend it with my family. I can't wait for next weekend even though we've decided to just stay at home. ;) Oh and August is ending! Have a great September, guys!

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