Quirino Bloodbath

by - August 24, 2010

In all honesty, while watching the news last night I felt nothing for Rolando Mendoza. All I ever cared about was seeing the hostages alive. But after reading the Facebook note from Ms. Ana's blog, I came to realize that I feel sorry and sad for Mendoza. We have no idea what he's been through in the past months. What his thoughts are, not getting any benefits from his former job must have drove him crazy. He has a family too and we just don't understand all the burden he must have carried in his heart for so long. I don't know about you, guys, but for me personally, seeing your family suffer could trigger so many things and I guess that's what made him result to this. We also don't know how justice works here. It can be prejudice. Maybe he wanted a fair trial with what was being blamed on him, but was not granted to him. I'm not saying what he did was right. We all know the heavy casualty he has left us to deal with, but I'm just pointing out that he is human.

I believe the SWAT, PNP, and media handled the situation very poorly. One of the survivors said Mendoza was nice and the thing that outraged him was seeing his family being dragged into the situation. I mean, why would you do such a thing? And as journalists and in our present technology now, have they no clue that tourists bus like that have TELEVISION and all they did was report bit by bit what was happening. Very poor, indeed.

So, I hope everyone learned a lesson from all this. Especially the PNP and Media. You guys have to work on your skills and tactics MORE.

I guess you all have heard what CNN and other international news have dubbed our country as. We may be the "worst" for them, but I believe we can still rise up from this rut and tomorrow will always be brighter. Venus Raj just proved that. Lets just pray for peace and know that this too shall pass.

For the hostages that had to end their lives senselessly and Rolando Mendoza, may you all Rest In PEACE.

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