Sick as a Bug

by - August 05, 2010

Been sick for almost 3 days now. It started last Tuesday and that wasn't a very good time to get sick since the week was just beginning for me at school and I pretty much missed 5 hours worth of classes already because of this sudden disorder. Thankfully though after 2 days rest I was able to get back to school today and caught up with my FILIP 13 class. The work load wasn't as tough, but I'm expecting a lot from my Monday and Wednesday class, because those are my hectic days and subjects when it comes to my schedule.

Anyhoo, enough about school. I just feel a whole lot better knowing I've got sweet and caring people to always take care of me in times like these. I'm thankful that I have Gersh who took care of me during the night I really felt ill, For Athan who kept hugging me and all the smiley faces he gave. Also Mom who checks up on me despite the distances. I received a great amount of T.L.C., indeed!

It's also Friday tomorrow! I'm very much thankful to God for that. Much needed rest and family bonding here I come!

Like the new header?:)

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  1. i love love the new header! the old one's also niceee! I hope i get better with making headers/layouts..these are my weaknesses hehe! ;p

    Hope you get better na sis, my friends and family are getting sick or matamlay nadin! ;p Hay! Uso nga =s

  2. Everyone's getting sick nowadays! I think I'm starting to get sick as well... my throat's been kinda itchy lately. OH NO. But get well soon, Twin! :)

    And cute header! :)

  3. thank you so much girls!:) hope you two don't get sick! *hugs*

  4. oh! sickness isn't really appealing when there's school to think about. i'm glad you're doing better already. just remember to drink as much water as possible. it's the most convenient way to stay away from sickness.

  5. Here as well. Everyone's getting sick. Must be the weather or something.Two of my classmates have sore eyes din.. Others have the flu.

    I am loading up on the C's. ;p Get well soon Ava!

    (yehey. can we relink?)

  6. @aimee: thank you! :)

    of course, procne!:) i thought kasi before you stopped blogging :( but finally found your link because of megann's :) will relink you now!

  7. i had a long hiatus. sorry. acads. if i do stop, i would make a post. promise.

    relinked you too!


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