Kudos to Cheap thrills!

by - August 07, 2010

Yes, indeed! What will we do without cheap thrills? I don't think I could ever survive without them. My family's not wealthy nor do they splurge beyond their means, that's why I love it when I see something really good being sold at a cheaper price.

For example, food. My favorite cuisine of all time would probably be Italian, Greek or Japanese, but of course I can't eat that all the time. So when I seem to be in a tight budget, I typically go for Green Indian mangoes with salt or bagoong. I also love your everyday street food; Squid balls and Dirty Ice cream. But if I'm really hungry, there will always be the every day Food Court! Like today, my family and I headed to Food Choices at Glorietta 4 to try out a fast food called GO GREEK!--

It was recommended by my high school batchmate and true enough, for Php 195 they didn't disappoint. All these can make anyones tummy happy and content!:)

On the non-edible side, I love shopping. I think it's every girls therapy. Lately, I've been trying to find shops that sell good quality stuff at pocket friendly prices because shops like Mango, Topshop and the likes aren't exactly cheap. Also I'm starting to have an affinity for local designers or brands such as Ichigo, Pink Manila and mostly things inside the RAMP. Fortunately if you're patient enough, you actually can find something good that isn't expensive at all!

Last Friday I went to Megamall to give the boyfriend a surprise visit. When I got there we started going window shopping and I went inside a store I have never attempted to step in; The Surplus. You can seriously find something nice there if you try. For instances, this shirt--

The boyfriend got it for me at a very low price and the design is just Love! If he got this alone and handed it to me at home I wouldn't have guessed it was from a Surplus store. Just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover alright. ;)

And the day ended with also with these cute things at affordable prices as well--

I still have that Toy Story 3 vibe on me and getting Hamm was really bliss! He's been my favorite character since the first Toy Story. Got it at a discounted price too!!:) Hee-Hee. Cheap thrills!

How about you? What are your cheap thrill moments or favorites?

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  1. I love The Surplus shop!:) They really sell nice clothes :)


  2. That looks so delectable. I hope there's something like Go Greek! here in Cebu. Oh! nomnoms.

    and that shirt is nice. i love the colors. i don't usually buy things at the surplus store here because the sizes are usually pretty large for my size.

  3. aaahhh the greek food looks good!! and ya for cheap thrills.. i love going to thrift stores to get super inexpensive blazers! :D

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