Despicable Me+Free food+style pep talks

by - September 05, 2010


Went to watch Despicable Me with the family yesterday and I think it was a good movie. Funny and yes, very despicable, indeed, yet cute! I really love Agnes and Gru's minions. Sooo adorbs!! At first it was draggy, but I like the sweet ending. I love Steve Carell!!:) But I wont go ranting too much about the movie, because it just recently premiered and I wouldn't want to spoil it for you guys.

Anyhoo, speaking of the free food, we did get two free crispy chicken meal from Mcdonalds before watching the movie and didn't have to spend a single penny! (Except for drinks though. I think they plan to choke us from all the crispy goodness..) All thanks to Metrobank's credit card promo. For a certain purchase charge you had in the past, you get freebies from Mcdonalds and who wouldn't want a free meal, right?:) Imagine how happy we were. =D

Nom Nom Nom!!

Athan enjoying his free OJ from Dad

For my outfit post, I was inspired by Abbie's blog entry about dressing up for yourself not for others and not letting people stop you from wearing what you want. Yes, even if they dis you just ignore them, because it makes you happy. It's fashion; be free in expressing yourself and stand out! Personally, I don't know why others bully her regarding style, wherein I actually adore her for it. She's one of the bloggers that I've admired for so long and all I can say is, more power to you, Abbie! Be spontaneous and wear your outfits proud!

So, yah for my outfit, I wore this, because it's simply what I felt like at that time---

Beanie: rainbow scraps| Dress: MNG | Bag: F21 | Shoes: Trunk show
| Necklace: From the boyfriend

I did get stares while walking around the mall. Maybe because 90% of the people there were at their best casual and I decided to be a little bit different. You know what, I'm actually happy I tried out wearing what I want without having to worry about what others think. It's liberating to be different and I think I would like to continue being me and not mind about people's judgement. Continuing the search for my style once more!;)

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  1. Whose heads won't be turning with that bag and oxfords?

    Will watch DESPICABLE TOO after exam..! *sigh*

    PS thanks for writing a post without spoilers. I hate it when others do that. ;p

  2. I love your blog! :) and your son is so adorable! :) I have a one year old son too! kids are so adorable and FLUFFY!LOL..:D will follow you na..:)


  3. Ava!! :D I was just about to dedicate my weekend blog on abbie's blog entry too :) may we forever be inspired to do our own thing and ignore all the stares! :) cheers!! :)

  4. hahha despicable me is so hilarious and cute, Agnes is BEYOND cute!


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