Going the distance

by - September 14, 2010

AVA in 30 days challenge:Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends


A couple date with two of my good friends. I met Guada when I was in fourth grade. But she wasn't the one I was close with during that time. I had what I call a "abusive" best friend and when I decided to just leave, Guada was there and we became best friends ever since. Unfortunately though we only had 2 years together, because after 5th grade she went abroad with her family. Though that was the case, we still maintained contact through old school snail mail, emails and even packages. Now that we're in college, she came back and I'm more than happy. She was my first best friend ever and I'm glad despite the distance we managed to stay friends.

Nico on the other hand I met in third year high school. We were classmates and became really close. He was even my prom date! I actually planned on going stag, but he luckily saved me from that and he was the best prom date ever. True gentleman and sweet too!

That's why I'm happy they're together. They're perfect for each other. They're one of the friends that I consider as treasures and would never let go. Plus whenever we'd go out I get to have both their company. :) I really miss them. I hope we get to hang out soon!

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