In the beginning

by - September 15, 2010

AVA in 30 days challenge:Day 12- How you found out about Blogger and why you made one


TOP: Mango | JEANS: Crissa | SHOES: Parisian Jr. |
BAG: Taipei Night Market | GEEKY GLASSES: Greenhills

When I first started blogging, my website was Xanga. I think I was in high school that time. I would blog there what I did, what I like or ate during that day. Petty stuff. Then I got tired and moved to LiveJournal, where I stayed for a couple of months, but also got tired because it didn't give me much choices when it came to layout arrangement and HTML. So, I moved to blogspot finally, and been writing here for more than 2 years now. Unfortunately though, as I moved blogs, I also deleted the previous ones. I was the type who only wanted to maintain ONE blog and couldn't handle the past. I actually regret that now. I wish I kept at least one site, so I could reminisce on the good old days. Sigh. Oh well, past is past! Now I know better. To reconsider first before doing an act. I'm just happy and content here at blogger, sharing with you guys all my rambles. I just hope I don't bore you too much. :)

BTW, my outfit post is not new. It's a bit old, but since I haven't posted anything about it here yet, I might as well! ;) I'm on my term break, so I don't dress up that much. I miss Chictopia!

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  1. where in GH did you get those geeky glasses? :) i've been searching for one!! :D

  2. hi jill!:) wanted to visit your blog, but can't seem to access it. I got the geeky glasses at the tiangge area :) lots there!

  3. i love your bag!! :) and i love the video at the side the "shy" one, so cute! <3


  4. Ava, you're a complete doll! I love the simplicity of your outfit! :)

    Follow, please? <3

  5. i look so beautiful !you`re natural and your outfit glows :)kisses


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