The search for the perfect oxfords

by - September 16, 2010

I am in love with shoes, that I cannot deny and when it comes to fashion, I am more reeled to shoes than I am into clothes or bags. I personally believe that shoes make or break the outfit. Like, I base what I'm going to wear on a certain day on shoes. If I feel like wearing heels, then i'll try to come up with a style that would look good with heels or if I'm lazy and wanna stay casual I would go for flats or sneakers and match it with a tee and jeans. If the shoes look good, the outfit looks good as well.

So, yes, you guessed it. This entry WILL be about shoes! And the perfect pair that I've been searching for since last month are Oxfords. (*Thank you sooo much, Mom for allowing me to get shoes and Thank you, Love Buddy for accompanying me!!*) I originally wanted a brown pair of Kenny's from Ichigo, but unfortunately when I visited The Ramp at Shangri-La today, they were no longer available. *sniff* :(
But of course, the optimistic shoe shopper in me still looked around for another shoe brand that had oxfords. After surfing racks of heels, wedges, flats, lo and behold! I finally found a pair that caught my heart!:)

Pink Shawn

Flat oxford with stacked heel. It kind of reminds of Ichigo's Izumi collection; I am loving the gold pair!;) and also looks like man shoes, But the color from tOnic is just too good to pass up. Gorgeous hot pink and I think I luckily got the last pair in size 7. :) I happily went home with this and here I am trying it on.....

Tee: taipei night market | Jeans: crissa | Shoes: tonic

I'm hoping in December I can go to Ichigo's branch in Greenhills (really pretty!) and snag me an awesome pair of shoes; Izumi, Kenny, Jacky, and Madox, please still be there when I visit!:)

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  1. those shoes are too cute!!!:) by the way, pm'd you in facebook about the shoes you want. ;)

  2. i thought it's from ichigo..hehe..:) it's really pretty!! :)


  3. Saw your link through my friends' blogs and checked it out.

    I have Shawn in gray and an Ichigo pair with tassels. I think oxfords are the cutest! :)

  4. pink oxford! never seen one before, but they're actually sweet!

  5. Love the oxford Ava!

  6. Lovely pair! Sayang, last stock na?

  7. Oxfords are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere. you must be really lucky to have a pair in pink. ;)

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