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by - September 07, 2010

AVA in 30 days challenge: Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days


Since last week, as some of you may know, I've been working my tush off for my AGRECON grade. I even went to school on a saturday and spent 5 hours there without any break just so we could finish our project due to our professor saying that he will pick two groups with the best presentation and exempt them from taking the final exam. Imagine how thrilled we were to hear that! AGRECON is one of my hardest subjects this term and we basically study computations regarding Macroeconomics and its theories. But after doing our project, I initially thought we weren't going to make it to the top 2, because #1- I think we kinda rushed it, went a little sloppy and #2- there are about 12 groups to beat. All I wanted was to pass our project. I was really 100% sure that we were going to take our exam, so I downloaded all our lectures and pointers via Yahoo groups and was set to bury myself in Financial Markets, Functions of money, Labor Markets and Inflation. But after a few days, our professor announced via mail that our group need not to take the final exam!! FTW! I was sooo happy that I woke Gersh up from his deep slumber and going on like a broken record player, "I'M EXEMPTED! I'M NOT TAKING THE EXAM! I'M SO HAPPEEEEHHH!!" It was my first time to get exempted from an exam, so yes, I'm proud!

Last Monday instead of taking my AGRECON finals, I went to MoA with my Lola and Athan. Time well spent. :)

It's true when they say that it is better not to expect, because you end up happier than when you wait and end up in vain. Now, I only have two more exams and it's officially term break!

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  1. Hey Ava! :D

    You were at the Glitterati event and well me being so out of tune with the world did not know you till I saw pictures. gaah *embarassment* I must say I absolutely love your style. I do hope we get to meet again :) hehehe.

    Btw you have the cutest boy and I happened to take my minors in CSB. :D Hehehe. Im in PSID now though. :)

  2. CONGRATS AVA!! :D Getting exempted in exams happened to me siguro once or twice lang, and it was the best feeling!! ;D Hahaha!:) Im sure you worked hard on the project to get this!! :)


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