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by - October 09, 2010

When it comes to fashion related questions on my formspring, I often get the questions "What are your favorite online stores?", "Where do you shop for low priced stuff, but with REALLY good quality?" or "Stores to recommend?" Seeing my answers now, I often reply about clothes, accessories, shoes, and I always forget to include bags. (my bad) So now, i'll share with you one of the best sites on the interwebs to shop for bags...

I guess a lot of fashion savvy bloggers already know about Fab Manila bags, but for some of you who don't, Fab Manila is owned by sisters Ms. Jennifer and Sheila. They're passion in creating FM was brought about by their love for Art, Travel and of course bags! They have been in the business of creating bags since 2003 and have gained so much followers that instead of making only seasonal products, they now do it all year-round. And incase you were wondering, they do indeed have FAB bags. :)

If you want to travel, but don't want to go for the usual boring luggage and travel stuff then FM is the perfect place to look for quirky and fun bags. For example...

Lucy Vintage Luggage
They have this in 8 cute designs and for only Php 1,200

Jewelry Case @Php 395

Colorful Travel Envelopes that will surely catch the eyes of other travelers
@Php 350

And if you're a school girl like me or even an office girl and you want to shun the dull typical school bags, pencil cases, and ever so obvious laptop bags, then you can go for these lovely items that will surely encourage you more to go to school/work...

Fabric Pencil Case @ Php 150

Lunch Kits

Selena Laptop Bag @ Php 750

The Blake Messenger bag @ Php 550 | Phoebe Work bag @ Php 850 |
Ashley Shoulder/Messenger bag @ Php750
They also have Cork Boards and File Holders

And now for my personal favorite from their site...

The Maya Tote bag
When it first came out I immediately fell in love with their tribal prints. They're sooo pretty I want to have them all! Grab one while you still can, because they're selling fast!

In summary, Fab Manila's bags are one-of-a-kind, because of the unique fabrics they use and meaning their pieces are limited so you will definitely stand out when in a crowd. Their bags are not only quirky, but functional as well. Also with all the beautiful details you see in each bag, you know for sure that it is a labor of love, so every bag you buy is worth the penny that I assure you. :) If you want to see more of the products just visit their website at FABMANILABAGS.COM

*All pictures used are from FabManilaBags.com
and was given the permission to use them.

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