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by - October 13, 2010

AVA in 30 days challenge:Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy

It's hard to pick just one picture, so here are some pictures that make me happy :)

Gachapon toys

Every time Gersh and I make a trip to Toy kingdom, I get lured to the token machine area and if I see something cute, I can't help but get one. My weakness is disney characters. Happiness in looking at cute stuff :)


I received Debbie when I was in high school from a friend. I really love elephants and this is the cutest one I've received so far. :) It was hidden in my drawer for quite awhile and I found it lately. Now I always have it in my bag, because I consider it as my lucky charm.


Just getting the latest issues and looking at the new fashion items and pictures in magazines makes me happy already. :)


How can they not make you happy?:)


This picture was taken when he was a new born. I miss those times. :) He's so big now.

A lot more things make me happy that pictures can't define. Surprises, Love, The unexpected, and more. :)

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