Teeth and Food

by - November 11, 2010

If you want something cute to entertain you, then this will surely do the trick; MY MILK TOOF and the amazing woman behind these two cute tooth's is artist and full-time blogger Inhae Renee. :) I love seeing and reading about the adventures of these adorable tooth's. They're just pictures and no video involved, but I find myself hooked to them. They seem lively and always doing something silly. I admire the creator's commitment to her craft. Kudos! :) I can't help it. They're just SO cute!!!^_^ Oh and before I forget, they have names too; meet the duo Ickle and Lardee...

Playing Hopscotch :) Mini crayons..adorbs!

Baking :)

Art time!

I already have a sweet tooth for Ickle and Lardee.I'm gonna go back to the site after this and read some more. :)

Aside from that, I also found another cute site last night called, THEY DRAW AND COOK. The whole concept is the people who cook are also artists who makes sure that their ingredient list isn't dull to look at by drawing/illustrating the processes in their own artsy way. :) Here are some of my picks from the site...





Really awesome, right?:) The only downside to this is, now I'm feeling hungry. Drooling for some salad and pasta here!=p

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  1. thanks for this post ava! This one made me smile!:) I want to ask something, I will e-mail it na lang to you okay?:)

  2. these are so cute! i've seen My Milk Toof before and I just love reading it when I'm bored or depressed. They always make me smile

    The 2nd blog's so amazing! their illustrations are so cute! they can make a cookbook. They should!

    thanks for sharing this :)

  3. Wow, beautiful illustrations! I'm a sucker for cute drawings like these :)

    Yo tambien, I got mucho hambre with these photos!!

  4. Napuntahan ko na tong Milk Toof :) Nakakaaliw talaga yung pictures. She's really creative.

  5. love this post! they are all adorable!! <3 will visit the milk toof..:))


  6. Those are adorable! So fun to look at! I love pretty and cute things. I wish I had their talents, too. :)

    I should go visit their blogs! Thanks for sharing!

  7. those little tooth are just the cutest! :)

    thanks for sharing this awesome blog. xx


  8. Cute sites! Love those teeth! <3


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