Ripped tee and family day

by - November 13, 2010

Went to Greenhills today with the family, because Athan's Wowa (Lola) will be going to Sydney next week for 6 months and we wanted to have a little get together before she leaves. :) First we went to Toy Kingdom to get Athan some toy cars, since his Wowa won't see him for a while, she wanted to spoil him with toys. :) Then, we had lunch at Max restaurant and it was really good. I haven't eaten at Max for long time and I missed their crispy chicken, potato soup and special buko pandan dessert. :)

Ordering time + Athan's trucks =p

After lunch we headed to Promenade to look around and we stopped by our favorite toy shop; Hobbes and Landes. I swear, Gersh and I have this huge love for toys even though we've surpassed our teen years already. We're still kids at heart and I think that will be a big advantage for Athan. Hihi. ;)

Gersh trying to spot which blind item Lego mini figures he'll get with the help of some friendly sales ladies :)


He ended up getting four mini figures and these were really his top picks!:) The sales staff of Hobbes and Landes, Promenade we're very accommodating when it came to Gersh's questions about the item/s and it's because of them why he got what he wanted, even though he couldn't see them. Kudos to the staff!

While the boyfriend was paying for Lego, I told him knowing that it was our 41st Monthsary yesterday that I would get one mini figure for him and with that gesture, he also asked me if I wanted the wooden Octopus bag charm that I've been ogling at since we got inside the store and I was like a kid asking her parent with pure giddy factor, "REAAAAALLLY??^_^" With a big smile plastered on my face and so there, we both got each other gifts, even if it's really not our tradition to give presents every monthsary. :)

Meet Ollie the octopus. :) Thank you, Bie for this! I love you!:-*

Of course, if we had our fair share of treats, Athan has to get his as well. So, we bought tokens and rode this cute pink mechanical giraffe...

I told you, we're such kids!

"I wonder where Athan's taking me..."

After our kiddie escapades, we headed back to Gersh's place to rest a bit and have merienda, which Athan absolutely enjoyed...

Big mouth: NOM!

And now to segue with my title above; "Ripped tee." Basically I really don't use this top when it was still a t-shirt and it was sorta a long top, but since I figured I don't use it that much, I might as well do something about it so I can use it more often. I got me a pair of scissors and snipped the shoulder cuffs and back part, hence bringing the effect of a ripped tee. It's my first major DIY when it comes to clothes. At first I was scared of deconstructing it, but fortunately it wasn't a decision to regret. What do you, guys think? :)



Deconstructed Tee: from shih-lin night market | Pants: from mom's closet |
Shoes: steve madden | Bracelet: Charmed Life

I was invited to be Charmed Life's brand ambassador, so watch out for my future post about their accessories!:) Thanks again, Ms. Ysa!


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  1. nice weekend with your family!:) And great DIY! I will email the logo to you okay?:) and congrats for being the brand ambassador:)

  2. Nice pics. :) I love your shirt :)
    Congratulations also for being the ambassador.

  3. congrats for being a brand ambassador..:) Great DIY top! <3 Athan's so cute with his bread (daming kagat everywhere!) :D


  4. High five! I do the same with my tops. Cut off the sleeves :)

    Also I should say I have ridden those moving animal things too but I didn't even have a kid with me! Embarrassingly childish! Haha!

    Adorable octopus, Ava!

    Bea from A plus B

  5. the ripped back made a cute and interesting detail. it was worth the ripping. lol

    love your shoes too. :)

  6. I love the DIY project! :) great job Ava!

    awww and the octopus toy is adorable. im sure athan loves the fact that his parents love toys too. I also love Hobbes and Landes but I usually buy those metal wire puzzles.

    Happy 41st monthsary and congrats for being the brand ambassador!

  7. Good work on your first DIY project! I haven't done anything like that before. I'm too scared to ruin the top instead of making it look better! lol

  8. hey ava, i also did a major diy today! :D so inspired with bored and crafty's tutorial :)

  9. omg cute talaga ng outfit mo

    question; are you chinese? Sorry you just look it!

    Anyway, it's okay. I'm 21 turning 22 soon and my room is filled with so many stuffed animals hahah!!!

    I'd like to get to know you better; let me know kung gusto mo mag exchange links ! Ok see ya

  10. Tres chic, Ava! And congrats on the invitation. I'm sure you'll rock <3

    sPam of frou-frou


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