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by - November 09, 2010


A lot of you guys were asking me before where I got my blue Mulberry knock-off bag and I mentioned that it was from Forever 21. But unfortunately they never released another batch after the first, which was way back in August, I think?? But good news! As I was browsing their FaceBook page, I saw this brown satchel bag and its in their November stock. So if you're still on the lookout for your very own Mulberry-esque/Proenza Schuler bag, better run to Forever 21 ASAP before it's too late!:) Hope this helps and good luck!!

They finally have 3 blue satchels back in stock!

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  1. Wow this is super cute!!! I wonder how much it is :-) Very helpful Ava! But your blue purse is better! ;-)

  2. nice bag!:) i want one for myself! pero no to shopping kasi i'll be spending din in SG! pero super niiiice:)

  3. ah i wish i can go visit mega to check out forever21 stuff again. these are nice! :)

  4. i love this bag! :D thanks for sharing this info :D

  5. I want it! Hope they still have stocks when I drop by the store. *fingers crossed*

  6. thanks for the info Ava I want to have one, but your blue bag is much better! <3


  7. I was looking for this bag.. I will surely visit Forever21.. thanks ava! :)

  8. I want one too. I actually like the color of your bag, the blue one. Sana may mga bright colors din :)

  9. i have been eyeing that bag but too bad there's no forever 21 here in cebu.:(

    followed you btw. hope you come visit my blog if you have time. :)

  10. ava!!! when did you post the update on the blue satchel??? omg! my heart is pounding! lol!!!! :D thanks for the update dear! :D


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