Happy Saturday!

by - January 16, 2011

Spent the Saturday with my family by going to MMC for Athan's monthly vaccination. We're really happy that he gained weight and that he's doing well. Nothing beats starting the weekend right than knowing your kid is in great shape. Plus he's so brave during shots. He never cries. ( proud momma!^_^) After the check up we went to Glorietta to have our family bonding. :)



Enjoying his meal hihi ^_^

We haven't eaten at Go Greek! For almost 4 months and I kinda missed their Gyro platter, so I asked Gersh if we could eat there. I had my usual Chicken, greek salad and potato on the side, while Gersh had Mixed beef. Yum! :)

After dinner I suggested for us to go to Timezone, because Athan loves playing their bowling game there and since he had his shot, I wanted him to feel a bit better.



Father and son going crazy over basketball. =p I absolutely adore the sight of them playing together. :)

We also went to a couple toy stores after our arcade frenzy, because I badly wanted to find this keychain, which unfortunately, I still did not. :( So, we just ate at Chowking before going home and took some outfit shots. =p



Top: seventeen | Shorts: lmm | Necklace: forever 21 | Wedges: parisian jr.
Bracelet: courtesy of charmed life | Bag: aldo

You can actually see that I'm still recovering from this picture. I got this weird allergy that has taken over my face and a bit of my body last Thursday and my temperature went crazy, but thankfully I'm starting to feel like myself again and the rash on my face is slowly subsiding as well. :) Thank you for the well wishes you guys left for me on my previous post. Appreciate it!:)

So, I was really lazy to dress up, but pulled myself together to at least look nice. Hopefully this looks alright, because I really love the accessories I used; the blue army necklace from Forever 21 was a gift from my Mom and I think it makes my plain top standout. As for the bracelet, Ms. Ysa sent it over to me after new years day and it has different charms to symbolize my life. I especially love how she added a snake charm to it and a fish to match the Koi charm on Gersh's bracelet. :) Another accessory I surely can't leave the house without. ;)

Oh, I also painted my nails in platinum! Trying to stay away from Pink for awhile. Been using pink over and over again. =p I need something new.


I hope you all had an awesome Saturday too!:) I can't wait for what Sunday has in store for me and the family. Don't forget to hear mass!:)

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  1. very casual chic!
    awesome outfit for family day!!

  2. BLOOMING KA 'TE!!!!
    Ang ganda talaga ng pink and beige sayo, lalo ka pumuputi.. Ganda mo! Glad you guys had fun.. And YAY for Athan kase hindi umiyak! :)

    Di ko pa natitikman Go Greek!

  3. my saturday was just being stuck at home. it's too rainy..haha your nails are preetttyy.

  4. hey take care of yourself Ava! :)

    i love Go Greek too :D

    love the platinum nail polish!

  5. Nagutom ako sa go greek! =) The part where you said you suggested to go to Timezone to compensate for his cooperation sa shots reminded me of my sister... grabe parepareho mga moms talaga! =)

  6. Very pretty Ava, I love your outfit :) Glad you're better now!

  7. Ang ganda mo Ava!!! :)) And gotta love the platinum nails! :))

    And wow Go Greek the best!!! :D

  8. Hope you feel better soon! Rest up :)

  9. I love that necklace, twin! :) And you look fine.. parang never nanggaling sa sakit. Woo! I always use platinum nailpolish. I'm trying to go for the nude or medyo earth colors now. :)

  10. i love your outfit! so chic! :)

  11. I want to try Go Greek! :)

    I'm glad you're feeling better now. Have a great weak ahead!

    Ninin of the two miss fits

  12. The foods look delish! And I love your outfit, always!

    I remember having pink nails all the time. I'm learning to try and appreciate other nail polish colors now. :)

    Good to know you had a good weekend, Ava!

  13. aww love the pastels on you ava! and you are such a sweet mom! :)

  14. what a lovely blogg! you're blog is wonderful and you have some great posts, and i really like your art wall! so so inspiring(: absolutely adoring(:



  15. So cute Ava :)
    hope you could drop by

  16. hey ava, you look great on that outfit. and oh, greek food. i tried something like that at LKG but it was too much for me. i want to check out souvlaki one of these days :)


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