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by - January 26, 2011

I figured I haven't been updating much about school, so i'll be sharing what's happening with me and school lately. :) Its been almost two weeks since school started for me and even though my schedule now is late and I'm fully loaded, I'm actually enjoying my classes and I thank God for giving me the chance to be classmates with people I'm close to. I initially thought I was going to be solo flight during my late classes, but thankfully I have a good friend with me. God hears even the simplest prayers, indeed!:)

I'm currently taking up two majors; Principles of Export Management and Legal Bases of Export Management where I learn the different theories of trading, the export industry jargon, INCOTERMS, business entities, how to register a business and more. :)



It requires a lot of memorizing, but I like studying theories more than mathematical equations, that's why I like my majors more. Theories, theories, theories! haha! =p

During my free time instead of just being idle I prefer doing something productive and what I usually do is either use my time for eating, reviewing and writing/doodling on my planner or notebook when I'm inspired. :)


I often write my favorite quotes or quotes that appeal to me on my planner. Something to boost my spirit!:)


I made this the other day during my BUSLAW2 class (We had a free time..wasn't doodling during class..=p) and I was able to finish it today during my break. I'm really happy with the outcome. :)


This one I just made out on a whim. Its not even finish yet, but I can't think of anything to add as of now, so i'll leave it like that until I think of something. :)

Oh, and the icing of my day was meeting up with Beam and getting this little cute pouch...


CUPCAKE!!!^_^ How can this not make your day sweet? I love it!:")

Well, tomorrow's another school day for me, but my last for the week. I can't wait for another day of learning. I hope you all are having a great week!:)

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  1. Ava! I love the cupcake pouch! :))

  2. Thanks, mimi!^_^ super cute nga eh. The maker was really creative!

  3. i really enjoyed this artsy blog entry, ava :) i love the colors especially in the sketch you're not yet done with, galing! i jot down quotes&lyrics on my planner naman, hehe :)


  4. i like ur doodles..and might i add, lovely handwriting!!

  5. your art is amazing! :)
    i love the hearts flying from the choco drink. hehe :) how did u come up with that?!

  6. the cupcake pouch is so cute. made me wanna have a real cupcake. :)

  7. ava dear, i wish i could doodle like you :) galing :)

  8. Hey Ava! I see you're really busy but you still managed to blog! nahiya namn ako tuloy! haha! at nakakanose bleed ang notes mo teh!

  9. I super adore your creative side. :)

  10. Awwww.. the cupcake pouch is just sooo cute!! :)

  11. love ur doodles!!! and where did u get that cupcake pouch? its so darn cuuuuuute!!!

  12. Ava! Which partnership book do you need? I have one here that I can send to you :)

  13. Love the cupcake pouch! and your lay out is really cool sa eyes!

  14. Ang sipag mo naman mag-aral! Nakakatuwa, you look forward to "another day of learning." I don't know ha but I've faith you'll go far. :)

  15. Aww Ava these are so cute! You just made me miss school <3 Take care always!

  16. Thank you so much for the nice comments on my doodles, guys!:)

    @claud hehe thank you! IDK, I'm enjoying school this term :) inspired!

    @dominique thank you!! got it from SHOPARTWINE.COM :D

    @Aie haha sorry na!=p we really need to memorize a lot kasi..and we have quiz often.

    @Meream thank you so much for the book suggestion!!^_^

    @thegreenhairclip I really don't know hehe..I just suddenly had the idea that it might look cute :D thank you!!

  17. I find it interesting. It's like the choco drink is dreaming about hearts.. Lol =)
    or the choco drink has thought bubbles in heart shapes!!! Hehe

  18. the pouch is cute! and hey i love your doodles <3 <3

  19. hi. love this post. your doodles and the cupcake pouch = adorable. oh and i'm taking up exprin this term too. haha. just saying. :)


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