Thursday is dress up day!

by - January 27, 2011

I don't usually dress up for school, well actually, I NEVER do. If you only see me everyday, I look like a manang with my geeky glasses and hair messed up. Believe me, I can bear going to school like that and I don't care if people think I look hideous. All that matters is I am absolutely comfortable with my outfit (I usually just stay in school for awhile before...) But because my hours in school are longer this term, I made an exception and decided to make Thursday my day for dressing up. :)

I don't bring my camera to school, because no one would take my picture, so I waited until I got home for Gersh to take my pictures. He is after all my darling photographer for outfit posts. ;)




I really love the tribal inspired necklace and skirt that Mom got for me at Forever 21. The Kimono cover up is also my favorite; I love how it simply hugs my body. Got this from TCP last year, but never got the chance to use it, so why not now, when the weather is still a bit cold? Luckily it went well with the skirt. :)


Cover up: tcp | White top: mango | Skirt & Necklace: f21 |
Wedges: parisian jr. | bag: united colors of benetton | bracelet: charmed life

As you can see my bag is really bulgy. (Thank you to my Tita for my awesome bag!^_^) Like I said, I stay in school for quite awhile, so I need to bring a lot of stuff. Nevertheless, I still enjoy school and i'll definitely try to do more OTD in school every Thursday. ;)

I seriously got a lot of stares today because of my outfit. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing?=p Either way, I'm happy to step out of my comfort zone in campus and try something new. :) I love this term!^_^

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  1. i bet it's a good thing! i bet they're all thinking that your skirt is really really really beautiful :) ang ganda talaga ng color and print!! cheers for stepping out of your comfort zone :)


  2. The Kimono is really nice! It can give an instant edge to any simple outfit! =) love your skirt Ava! =)

  3. were actually doing a cardigan like that fo paradigm shift. i love this style on u. i wish i can be more experimental. haha like u guys. mwha

  4. I love the skirt! ^^ And me too, I don't usually dress up for school. Just plain t-shirt, jeans and doll shoes. I want to be comfortable at school so I really admire students who actually care about what they're going to wear to school everyday. Hee. :>

  5. it's a good thing Ms. Ava believe me hehe..i love your outfit especially your necklace and your shoes, thanks for taking time to visit my blog, i really appreciate it. i really admire those famous bloggers who takes time to read their fans' posts heheh thanks so much, you're adorable!

  6. Surely it's a good thing. Scene stealer with that gorgeous kimono wrap over the skirt!

  7. Lovet!!! I really want that Kimono! :)) Bagay! :) <3
    I love the Dress Up Thursday, Ava! Keep it up! :))

  8. I love the oriental influence on the skirt. ANd teh wedges are love. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too when you have time.


  9. I cant get enough of your style! absolutely beautiful! and thanks for the comment. i was feelin a little forlorn there for a while :) haha. love the outfit! that pattern is to die for.
    thanks for inspiring!
    timid ole me (skye) :)

  10. Gorgeous as always ava!!!

  11. @Reg, hihi thanks, reg!:) and yes, cheers to it!:)

    @Aie, @Alexa thank you, girls!^_^ glad it worked!

    @Karl, wow more experimental like us?? KARL! You are like the God of experimental! Your fashion style is beyond awesome!:) thank you!!

    @Francesca I'm like you too! But I figured why not try out something new :") hehe

    @Ladawan Aww that's sweet! I love reading other peoples stories, so it was nice dropping by your site!:) thanks for dropping by mine too!

    @procne thank you!:)

    @anagon I will try my best to keep it up! hehe :) sana hindi tamarin, beb!

    @Ellinor thank you for dropping by my humble blog!:)

    @Chyrel thank you!:)

    @Skye aww no worries!:) Hope to see more entries!:) thank you!

    @freesia, @nettie thank you!!:)

  12. aww you look lovely in that outfit ava! and parehas tayo, i dont dress up that much in school. kasi mauubos lang clothes ko. hahaha!

  13. aww ava, i love the print of the skirt! I'm totally with you on the part where you don't care of dressing up when you're only going to spend less time in school! haha i used to have those terms before :)) anyway, have a great weekend :)

    <3 hazel

  14. wow! I like the kimono!been looking for a good kimono actually! some i see are just so expensive! wait na lang ako till i find that perfect one, yet reasonably priced!=) nice thursday look ava!=)

  15. love this look Ava! when i'm at school I can't really dress up because I we have uniforms..:P Looking forward to your thursday outfits..:))


  16. I love the whole outfit <3 I wanna try dressing up for school everyday but we have uniforms so... :/ :))

    Anyway, I got kilig when you left a message on my blog hehe! Thanks for informing me about the comment link :)

  17. So lovely :-) You pulled it off! Love seeing you more in this Ava :-)

  18. i really love the kimono ava! you look great :D

  19. Great shoes!! The skirt is beautiful too =)


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