St. Scho Bazaar: Artsy Fartsy Ava's second bazaar

by - January 12, 2011

After having my first ever bazaar experience at DLSU's plant a 100 trees with ANAGON, I was again blessed to have my second bazaar at St. Scholastica College, courtesy of my super generous BEB Ana!:)


The bazaar was a 2 day event, but unfortunately on the first day I wasn't able to bring the items that I was going to sell, because I had a prior commitment in school and thought I wouldn't be able to make it. I ended up finishing my adjustment at school earlier than expected and wished I brought my goodies, because the high school students were really the ones who bought a lot and the sad part was they didn't have class on the second/last day of the bazaar due to a review. :( Even though that was the case, I still brought my accessories the next day and shared a spot at Ana's booth. :)

[*picture from Ana]
Taken during the first day of the bazaar :)
I didn't have my items, so ended up just helping instead of leaving early.


Second day of the bazaar :) A view of the ANAGON booth!



And here's my humble corner at Ana's booth. I only have a few items, but each bracelet I make is a labor of love. That I assure you. ;) If you're interested in any of my items just leave a comment with your email here and i'll get back to you. :)




What I also like about having and attending bazaars is I get to meet new people and sometimes they turn out to be good friends, just like Ana and me :) But, the person I'm referring to now is Beam Mariano; The founder and chief designer of SHOP ARTWINE. :)

Beam, Me and Ana :)

Artwine's booth :) Isn't it cute??^_^




Artwine offers products like, pouches, headbands, hair ties, necklaces, magnets, keychains, brooches, cute bayongs, laptop case and clothes. What's so special about them? All items either have a felt design embossed on them or the whole thing is actually made from felt material. I seriously love handmade and when I saw Beam's work, I flipped! She's SO creative and her items are affordable as well. :)

Aside from manning our booth, Ana and I also had the luxury to go around SSC whenever the mob of people would die down due to their classes. We only get mobbed during breaks and dismissal. =p So, while waiting Ana and I did the only productive thing; Eat and solve crossword puzzles!

[*picture from Ana]


[*picture from Ana]
Ana and I were drooling over these green mangoes. We both like salt on our mangoes. :) Too bad we only bought half. When Ana went back an hour after for our second round of sourness, they already ran out. :( huhu..


I had fries after my mangoes. I originally wanted noodles, the one wherein you can mix your own sauce? But by the time I wanted to buy, it was gone too! Tough luck. :|


Felt a lot better in the end when Ana treated me a chocolate ice cream!:) I'm such a kid.=p


Thank you, Beam for this! You saved us from boredom!:)

My favorite clients during the bazaar was the grade schoolers. They're SO cute! I feel sorry when they wanna buy something badly, but can't. :( I understand how that feels. They have a budget. I myself didn't have money as my baon during grades 1 to 5. I was given a lunch box. :)) But I'm proud of how they are towards shopping. There was this girl who had Php 200 and she was really a wise spender. I think she looked at four different booths over and over, thinking of what to buy and ended up with three great items and still had Php 50 left. :) Then there was this girl who wanted to purchase my colorful rosary item and got overwhelmed when I mentioned it was only Php 5 each. She bought all my stocks! The glow on her face was priceless. =D Also, there was one who can't decided on which Anagon bracelet to pick and I ended up giving a fashion advice to a kid! FTW!^_^ I have a lot more experiences, but I might bore you.=p Summary: too cute for words!:)



When all the kids were gone we packed up at 5PM and left. Sad that it was our last day. The kids were pleading for us to extend. :( Ana and I really wanted another day, but maybe next time. :) Btw, Thank you for being SO awesome, SSC!:)

This experience is something I am very thankful for once again. I never thought I would have my first bazaar last 2010 and my second one for 2011. :) The new year is starting off pretty well, I hope it stays that way. :) Also, I'm really thankful that God blessed me with a generous and awesome friend like Ana and for all the blessings he has given me. Hoping for more bazaars in the future! Maybe next time with my Mom; Food perhaps? We'll see! Have a great week, friends!:)

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  1. ooo pretty stuff! <3
    nakakamiss ang green mango + bagoong! D:

  2. looks like you had fun!:)i miss bazaars :)

  3. Hi, Ava
    I hope you can post your knick knaxx items on tumblr. is the blue-stoned bracelet with a red bling still available? i wanna have it. :) and those cutesy stuff in a box are sooooo eye-nomnomnom.:)
    More bazaar experience for you this 2011. :)


  4. Naman!!! SUPER TWINS!!!! Shucks, gusto ko din tuloy ng ice cream..

  5. I love the rings. And also the bracelets! The color combination is so nice. ^^

  6. the blue-stoned bracelet with a red bling ! yes! Is it still available?

  7. i am also lucky to be blessed with a true friend at this day and age, you know?:) hehehe..thank you for the fun day beb! benta yung antok na talaga tayo, and then beam handed the puzzles to us! :D hahaha! <3 And the kids! the best talaga "shopping tayo!"-- nako mga mag mamana satin tong mga to--Shopaholics !;D

  8. Awww... looks like you guys had so much fun! :) Congrats to both of you! ^^

  9. Aww too bad the highschoolers weren't there on your 2nd day.. sila yung may mas extra budget kaysa gs kids :( peroo awww cute story you shared about the kid who bought all your rosary items :)

    ps. check my blog for an award from me :)

    <3 hazel

  10. I looove Anagon. Haha, gustong gusto ko yung mga rings niya. I bought my favorite crocodile ring from her. Sana may next bazaar pa siya. :D

  11. I met lovely people form the online world as well. Thank goodness for people we met online!

    And yes, the grade school shoppers are really too cute for words! :)

  12. @hazel thank you so much for the award, hazel!!:) such an honor to receive this for the third time!<3

  13. looks like you had fun Ava :) sayang my sister didnt told me I want the elephant ring pa naman :|

  14. your story about the girl and the P5 colorful rosary is cute.. naiimagine ko lahat ng blog nyo about the girls and especially the food! :)

  15. I love the snacks, they're so high school! Can't remember the last time I ate green mango on a stick. :)) Also, the stuff you guys were selling are so cute, they're perfect for St. Scho...especially those felt pieces by artwine, hehe! They'd be great as brooches. :D



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