Sweet Treats!

by - January 14, 2011

I recently got my package from ThisKidLovesVintage's Sweet Treats giveaway and it is indeed sweet! The packaging itself is already adorable and the content; Two Kidada inspired wrap bracelets, Color chrome bracelets, and a Vintage necklace. All courtesy of Tricky Trinkets. :)


I'm still thinking how to style these, but I actually still have pending bracelets to style, so this may have to wait. Either way, I'm excited for both!:)

Aside from that, I've been feeling quite down since Monday, so during our bazaar at St. Scho, I decided to get myself a little sweet treat also from Artwine. :)



I really needed a new case for my phone, because the old one that I have won't close due to my phone's plastic protector. I always shove it in my bag and it eventually falls out of the case. Luckily, when I tried out this pouch from Artwine, it fits perfectly. Plus the quality isn't bad. I personally love the lining inside. I even suggested for Ana to get one. Now, we not only have the same phone, we have the same pouch as well (only different lining..) we're like sisters! haha!:) As for the keychains, I plan to hang it on my school bag. I've always had an affinity for trinkets, so adding them to my stuff makes it more ME. :) Sweet treats are LOVE!^_^

In other news, it really bites when you're feeling down and sick. I really hope I feel soon. :( Anyhoo, happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. Too cute stuff! I like the cellphone case!

  2. Awwww geeezzz get well soon ava!!!! :-/ Hate being sick too affected much ako masyado!!! And omg love the other trinkets aside from our terno pouch na super cute hahaha :D i really am regretting not getting the camera pouch grrr :P hihi! :)

  3. ang cute, ava! i like the pouch! i was this close of getting one too but lol i don't have a money to spend for now... :P maybe next time.

    btw, i like how you give reviews of other sites kasi people get to know na may mga ganong products na rin pala. :)

  4. ava ang swerte mo sa giveaways!!! hehehe! love the treats indeed!:)

  5. Beautiful bracelets!!!! and the phone case is adorable!!!!!!
    Enjoy your goodies :D!!!

  6. Those are sooo cute! Enjoy your give-aways, dear! And get well soon. :)

  7. Hi! I just gave you The Versatile Blogger Award. :)


    Stilettos and Love,

  8. Cute accessories! And I love the cellphone case!!! ^^

    Will you answer my poll? http://thepresenttensed.blogspot.com/2011/01/dear-reader.html Thank you very much! :)

  9. Cute bracelets!! Btw, too bad I didn't see you when you went to the St. Scho fair!

  10. Cute! I also received my package from Gen's blog giveaway this week.

  11. I love all the stuff you posted! I love the bracelets and the skull keychain!

  12. i want some wrap bracelet , but im really broke :))

    ennaid love <3

  13. wow!! cute kidadas! i have one in pink n black. its really cute and funky! :]]
    and heeeeey thanks for artwines link! i super like her items.

  14. (Darn the server didn't connect when I tried posting my comment earlier :|)

    Love the bracelets! And cute buys from Artwine. :) Actually saw their catalog and thinking about getting a laptop case/sleeve. Have been looking for one and theirs are so different. :) Anyway I hope you feel better!

  15. Saw the pouch from ana's blog already.. pero ang cuuuute talaga <3 cute finds you got! :)


  16. I love the skulls! Nice choice!

  17. i like those cellphone covers, now! hehehehe. you're so lucky naman girl :) pahaplos nga. para ma-ambunan din ako. hehehe.


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