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Fridays are a whole lot better for me now, because for this term I don't have classes every Friday and that only means I get to have three days off school instead of the usual two days. I can finally be with Athan more and enjoy the rest of the evening with my family. TGIF, indeed!^_^

To kick off my first Friday, Athan and I met up with Gersh to have a little family bonding before heading to Gersh's meet up with a friend. We basically just went around the mall and ate lunch there as well. :)


Burger Steak: My favorite Jollibee meal of all time. Not the Chicken Joy. =p I think Athan agrees with me on this. He ate a lot. ;)




Our little boy enjoying his chocolate "THUMBS UP!" ice cream. :) I really love how small their ice cream is. Looks absolutely cute when babies eat it!



Whenever we go out, we never get to take pictures with the three of us in it, because no one can take it for us. =p So, we opt for the second best; two by two!^_^ But sometimes I like taking candid shots. More fun that way.


And here are my boys waiting in line. Cute!:) The family car was coding today, so I we had to take the cab, but waited for 10PM to strike before lining up for one. Friday is the hardest day to hail a cab, plus cab drivers get really picky during this day, so you really have to wait a little. Patience is a must!

Oh, and I also wanna share with you some of the nice things I received today...

a.) Ruled notebook b.) and Airmail-like post-it from Fully Booked c.) Cute envelope coin purse from Ms. Jenni Epperson :"> d.) Minnie Couture gacha toy from Gersh. Super cute! :"> e.) and last but not the least, white tusk necklace courtesy of Love Child Vintage. :)

I've been using my Starbucks planner like crazy since school started and sometimes when I consume the whole space, I need sticky notes as an extra paper to write on, incase I have more things to jot down. Really handy. :) But of course, post-it need not to be boring. I found the airmail-like ones at Fully Booked for only Php 75. As for the notebook, it's definitely not Moleskine. I don't think I can ever afford or go for such an expensive notebook, but there will always be good and cheaper alternatives, such as my new green notebook. :)

The Minnie Couture Gacha toy from Gersh is love! I adore the plush looking design of the trinket even though it's solid and the bow details on Minnie's outfit. Btw, Gachapons are blind item toys, so you really don't know what you're gonna get. Gersh was lucky enough to get one of the designs that I liked. His little present for me. Too cute!^_^

The envelope coin purse and tusk necklace was something I didn't expect today. I was surprised to see packages in our living room when I woke up. But they're the good kind of surprises and I really love how the purse matches my post-it haha!:)) As for the necklace, I can't wait to style it! Thank you again to Ms. Jenni Epperson and Dominique of Love Child Vintage!^_^

And lastly, my OOTD


Polo: from mom's closet | Shorts: DIY mexx pants | Shoes: from mom's closet |
Accessories: anagon & charmed life

I think I mentioned before how much I like wearing my mom's stuff and luckily, we have the same size when it comes to tops and shoes. :) I enjoy digging through her stuff and incorporating it to my style. Like her polo, I added a fringe necklace to mix my style with it. I can't wait to show you guys more items from my mom's closet, so do watch out for it!:)

So, that pretty much sums up my awesome friday with my family. Hope you guys had a great day as well. If it was a bit rough, then enjoy the weekend!;)

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  1. OMG! I LOOOOOOVE Burger Steak! Heehee!

    Anyway, I'm new to blogger and to your site! Yer pretty! :) I looooove your floral background! Btw, Cute new things! ;)

    Followed! :D

  2. favorite ko din ang Jollibee Burger Steak! Nagugutom na ko now! :D

    Perfect capture of the moment of Gersh and Athan. :)

  3. Hi Ms. Ava..I'm your new follower here and can't help noticing how cute you're just like an Ate to your cutie son:)I like the way you dressed too: smart, elegant, fashionable:)

  4. I love how you can share your closet with your Mom! :)

    Cuuuute Athan! :)

  5. I love your outfit :) I want your tusk necklace :(

  6. Your kid is really so adorbs! Love burger steak too! Haha! Nice necklace. :)

  7. burger steak is l<3ve haha! i adore your tusk necklace and the coin purse!

  8. ava, your family is suuuuper cute ♥ i love burger steak too, but C3 pa rin ako (chicken+spaghetti, hahaha!) your friday sounds awesome, more fun fridays to come!! :D


  9. Glad you had fridays off this term.. i always have my fridays off the past years because they changed the scheds at dlsu ;) mom's closet are the best <3

  10. Your Athan is always so cute and he looks like he always smells so mabango!

    Burger steak > Chicken Joy. :P

  11. ohhh me, too! i prefer burger steak! thank you for dropping by my blog, guapa. ^^ ive been coming here for quite some time now, albeit silently ^^ alexa has the nicest words for guys ^^


  12. Athan's sucha cutie.. And love that Anagon fringe necklace on you.. ;) And your loafers.. Okay lahat na.. HAHA!!

  13. you're right, thumbs up with babies = cuuuute! :D

    love that you have more time for Athan :) TGIF!

  14. ava! naku, sorry didn't include your award! I'm editing the post na! sorry! HUG!! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  15. Haha, Chicken Joy forever!! Looove your outfit! :-)

  16. that necklace is so awesome , love the fringe! xx


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