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by - February 05, 2011

Do you have a sweet tooth that you just wanna feed over and over again with all the delicious sugary treats that you can find, but at the same time find yourself guilty, because it will absolutely ruin your health/diet? Well, I've got the perfect place to share with you, guys. A place that you can go to all the time and become your guilt-free haven. ;)

What place am I talking about? Only THE best froyo place in town, of course!


I know I'm thin and all, but don't let my frail body fool you. I'm actually a health buff when it comes to food and I would rather pick a salad over a steak any day. But in the case of desserts, I've been a Red Mango fan ever since they came to Manila last 2009. I never imagined that yogurt could taste SO good. It's not too sour and has a balanced flavor when you add toppings. My favorite of all time is their ORIGINAL yogurt+ CRUSHED GRAHAM+ MANGOES= Happy me!^_^ That's why I felt so ecstatic when Karl Leuterio together with Ms. Jenny Yrasuegui invited us bloggers to RED MANGO'S 2nd year anniversary and the launching of their new flavor here in the Philippines. :)

With the girls; Vern, Melai, Honey and was so happy to meet new friends, Danah and Stacy of PLUMP PINAY. :)

My gorgeous girls Ana and Honey :)
Do you notice Ana's purple hair? Awesome, right?

The event started with the hosts telling us why they loved Red Mango and a clip of Red Mango's achievements and each of us got the opportunity to taste their new yogurt flavor. :)




And the moment of truth. Their new flavor to watch out for is; BLUEBERRY a.k.a. FALL BERRY HARD!


Why Blueberry? Well, blueberry is said to be very good antidepressants. They keep you fresh, active, fit, sharp, close to nature and in a good mood. Also studies show that blueberries are a natural remedy for reducing belly fat, the kind of fat that is linked to heart disease and diabetes. Just goes to show that Red Mango is not only concern with making profit, but with our health as well. :)


I've never tried any flavor in Red Mango aside from my usual, but when I tasted my Blueberry swirl with Almonds, White Choco and Mangoes, I was blown away! No kidding. It's really good and I highly recommend you to try it. It's worth every penny and very healthy!;) So do wait for the newest flavor coming to you on FEBRUARY 14-MONDAY, so visit your nearest branch on that "BERRY" special day. :)

What's your favorite branch?

Here are more pictures of me, the girls and some of the awesome people we met...

Melai, Me, and Ana!
Hoping to serve you better...haha!=p

With Ms. Jenny Y. She is super nice and Fassssyyyooon! I love her jacket!

With the President of Red Mango Philippines; Ms. Sherika Tanmantiong. Young, pretty and successful. I wanna be like her when I grow up!:)


*photos from Honey*
We met the two boys of Magic 89.9 BOYS NIGHT OUT; SLICK RICK & SAM YG! Star-struck! They were really nice! They even mentioned me and Honey during the show that night on the radio. ^_^ *kilig*

*photo from Honey*
Sisters Danah and Stacy Gutierrez from The Plump Pinay.Com. Have you read their blog? It's really inspiring and a good read. :) Pleasure to meet them both!

The awesome host- Ebong Joson! He's a really nice guy and a huge fan of Red Mango!:)

And even though it was last minute, it was nice to see Karl, Mike and their friends!:)


Gifts from Red Mango: Their famous bowl and GCs!

And for the outfit post...Thank you for these, Honey!


Top: maldita | Trousers: from mom's closet | Pumps: nine west |
Necklace: ramp | Bracelets: charmed life

The event was something I didn't expect. Expect in a way of meeting new friends. I met a lot of amazing people that day and even though it was a small gathering of bloggers, hosts, and media, they were all so wonderful. :) Thank you so much to Red Mango for the invite!! I'm really glad to be a blogger, because of these perks and I thank God for all the opportunities coming my way. :) To more successful blogging and friendships formed!

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  1. FROYO!!! Love them to bits. The good thing is it's healthy and guilt-free.

    So btw, the necklace is fab! And congratulations for all the gigs and invites you receive for having this awesome blog!

  2. cool photos!! looks like you had a lotta fun! :) and who can say no to froyo!? blueberry froyo has always been my fav and i can't wait to try red mango's version :)


  3. Ohwow! your bowl looks soooo yummy!

  4. Wow super saya, sayang I missed it (ang dahilan ay nasa madrama kong blog post x_x) I love love love Red Mango! This week twice ako nagpunta sa TriNoma branch nila :)

    See you tomorrow Ava! So excited <3

  5. Soooo delish!! :) And I really love your trousers! :)

  6. looks like you all had a nice event experience.

    im guilty. im not a healthy eater! i should try more healthy sweets such as yogurts :)

    im a new follower :)

  7. nyaaaaaaaaaaaam :)))))))) i also love ze jacket:))

  8. i like your preppy look! perfectly chic! :-)



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