Bloggers Closet comes to life!

by - February 20, 2011

After all the planning and promoting, I am proud to say that our first BLOGGERS CLOSET was a huge success! I didn't have high expectations for it, because my main goal was to enjoy the experience, but it was all worth it and we can't thank enough all the people who came and bought from us. :)

Ana fixing her clothes :)
We arrived at the venue pretty early, thanks to Gersh's awesome navigation skills and we got to set up our stuff before the people came. :) 

Here are some of the awesome things that was on sale during the garage sale...

Lovely bags from Ping!

I really wanted this bag, but my objective for the day was to sell and not to buy. I just stared at it the whole day and kept telling myself that I don't need it. But when fellow blogger, Len bought it, I heard my heart break. :'( *sniff* Masakit pala! haha. =p But I'm happy that I was able to control my urges. Good things come to those who wait. Enjoy your bag, Len!:)

Chic clothes for sale!
Wire ring--Ana's best seller!

Raining accessories!
photo from ana
We not only had bags, clothes, accessories and shoes, we also had yogurt ice cream and iskrambol--I had two servings of yogurt with crushed grahams and mangoes due to the extreme heat! It was perfect for the hot sunny weather!:)

I always love events that gathers friends and bloggers together. Who would have thought that the blogsphere can create bonds like these...

Me, Honey, Ana and Aie :)
Athan enjoying his nips from Tita Ping!^_^
photo from ana
Also got to meet a reader and first buyer Arizia!:) Don't you just love turquoise satchel and summery aura?

photo from ana
Like the usual, I brought Athan and Gersh with me, but since it was a garage sale, there weren't really any kids around, so when Athan saw these two kids coming inside our garage, he immediately screamed, "KIDS!! I love, kids!!" Witness his happy fez!

Ana, me, Aie, Melai, Honey and Donna
We weren't actually expecting Melai to come, because we were informed that she was sick, but sweet Melai said that she still came, because she promised. :) Awwww! Plus, she's the party of every chikka, so we were really happy she was present. I also had the chance of meeting fellow blogger and mom, Donna of Miss Donata. She was really nice and it's great to meet mommy bloggers during events. :)

Kuya who bought a Pentax baby from me!^_^
Super sweet Melai and JR! 

Had the pleasure of also meeting reader, new mommy and now a blogger--Diane. She just loved close by and lucky us, she not only dropped by, she also bought a lot. :) Thank you so much, Diane!

Class picture with Athan! photo from Honey
Raleene and her sister also dropped by for awhile. They'll be joining us for part two! :)

Having a garage sale like this and being bloggers that love fashion, doesn't make it easy for us to control our urges to buy. There were racks and racks of clothes, tables filled with accessories and all being sold at affordable prices. That's why instead of buying, we just tried on the things we fancied. :)

Melai and Pax trying on blazers! Don't they look fab?:)

Me with Krissy! ^_^ photo from Ate Ma Yo
Me and the yellow cardigan that I really wanted, but someone already bought it as soon as I returned it on the rack. :(

The bloggers sale was indeed very tiring, but it was really a great experience for all of us. Some people are already asking for part two and we're overwhelmed by the reactions. This whole thing was Honey's idea and we're really grateful that she organized this all for us without anything in return. Thank you so much, Honey! We had so much fun! :)

Are you guys ready for part two??:) Coming soon!

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  1. wow! cool event! how i wish im just around the metro so i can pay a visit! gaganda ng mga damiiiit >.<

  2. Awww congrats on such a successful garage sale love! Next time I hop, I'm free to stop by. :D

  3. Aaand like I said on Ana's and Honey's posts, "I love love love Bloggers' Closet!! Let's do this forever!!! =D"

    Athan is super cute and adorable <3

  4. wow.. sad to say I wasn't able to drop by.. I hope I can see you guys in person.. =) I envy the brown satchel bag.. =( tsk.. tsk.. next time.. Congrats for the success of your Blogger's Closet!


  5. aww.too bad we weren't able to come.May lakad kami family eh.Looks like it was a success :) love the photos :)

  6. Although I didn't actually have the time to talk to you guys, seeing you and the other bloggers was kind of epic for me. :3

    I feel bad for buying that bag! Sory for the mini-heartbreak :( huhu. Oo nga we have the same photos. Same wavelength, man, same wavelength! :D

  7. Ava! I was also battling with myself over the brown satchel! Yes we should talk about the part 2 on the 26th. I had so much fun!

  8. hala oi! i just had to say it in cebuano. i wish i was there!! :(

  9. Wow really nice stuff! Hopefully I can attend the next one :) and hopefully I can attend blogger events as well!

  10. Awww, I wanted to go but it was too far. :( Maybe next time :)

  11. I so wanted to go but it was too far! Hope you make a part 2 and hold it somewhere nearer :)

  12. I really wanted to go but I live in the south and I didn't have anyone to bring me there. I don't know how to go there even with the map you've posted. </3 Wish I can go next time!


  13. I wanted to go so badly but the place was too far from where I live. I definitely would like to meet all of you!!! Btw, those stuffs are all GORGEOUS!!!

  14. Athan is sooo cute eating his nips, wala lang pakialam basta eat hahahha...kisses!

  15. Thanks for including me in your post. Will definitely come for part 2! :)

  16. Ang saya naman! Hope I can make it come Part 2 kahit medyo nahihiya ako! Hahahaha! :)

  17. Looks like you guys had fun! I wanted to drop by but I was actually busy with work on Sunday. :(

  18. Oh lookt at your baby Athan in Class picture with Athan! photo from Honey... ang cute! :))


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