Animo bazaar with ANAGON!

by - February 20, 2011

Crossed over to DLSU once again last Monday and Wednesday to join Ana at her ANAGON booth, but this time just to help her out and keep her company when she feels sleepy or lonely. :)) What are friends for, right?:)

ANAGON: the go to booth for amazing accessories!;)

The place was packed with different booths and students. It was really fun watching students go around. We don't have much affairs like this in CSB, so it made me miss fair days during my high school years. Sigh. :)

Thanks for the candid photo, Ana!=p
Since Ana was next to the Ice Monster booth, it's inevitable to buy cold treats there. :) My ultimate favorite was their Buko Pandan. Super good!

Aside from that, I also had some Siomai. They had a lot of food booths, so Ana and I really can't help it. =p 

Aside from food, let me give you a glimpse of the latest ANAGON products...

My cute Hello Kitty ring from Ana!:)
Are you crazy for skulls, john lennon-like shades or even cocktail rings? Anagon has them all!:)

This was taken during the first day of the bazaar. I had to leave after an hour due to my classes, but at least Wednesday was something to look forward to, because Honey joined us!

Do you notice how we can't stop eating?? haha!:))
I really love hanging out with Ana and Honey. I feel like we never run out of things to talk about. We kept chatting and laughing. Sometimes, we even don't notice that there are buyers already handing us money. =p I guess that happens when you're in good company. :)

The bazaar was until Friday, but sadly a school conference stopped me from making it to the last day. I wish I was there to keep Ana company again. But, I couldn't. :( So, hoping for a next time!:) Thanks again, Ana for another great bazaar bonding with you!

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  1. wish there'd be that kind of bazaar when i visit phils in april. haha!


  2. I want those animal riiiingggs! :(

  3. i like the skull bracelet :)

  4. i love the rings! the siomai and buko pandan photos makes me wanna eat one asap.

  5. Sayang nga eh, because the two days that I visited Ana, I wasn't able to catch you on the first and you weren't there last Friday. :( Love Anagon forever!

  6. The rings are amazing!!

    There's a giveaway on my blog, come and check it out!

  7. yay, bazaar again! pls let us know if there will be another in manila :)

  8. i love seeing photos of you and ana together! it truly shows that blogger friends can exist in real life ;) And wow Honey was there too!! I MISS DLSU :(

  9. I wanted to go there last Friday but I didn't have transpo </3 Haha anyway, I wish I can come the next time you and Ana would be there :-)


  10. The skull bracelets, I want! :)

    I miss my school, the bazaars, foods! :) Bazaars during my school days in DLSU are not like this. Mas bonnga na ngayon!

  11. Thank you for being there ava!!! :) I super had fun! Benta talaga tayo mag foodtrip walang papigil!!! :D Hindi lang ako makasabay sa figure mo, haha! :D cant wait for next bondings!!! :))

  12. Yiiiiii kinikilig naman ako!!!!! The feeling is mutual!!!! Love you both!!!! <3

  13. Lovely blog!
    Follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!
    THank you so much!


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