Mama knows best

by - February 24, 2011

If there is one thing I learned from my Mom about raising a child is that, you have to let them play. Especially during Athan's age where his energy is just bouncing everywhere and you don't really know how to contain it. If you just stay at home all the time, they tend to get cranky or just hyper. That's why you have to let them go out and have fun every now and then. :)

We took Athan to Dave's FunHouse at MoA a couple of weeks ago and he really loved it there. :) You pay only Php 170 for 1 hour of playtime and if you want to go in yourself to look after your kid, you pay an additional Php 25. Just make sure you bring socks or else you can't go in or you pay for those too!=p

I'm glad we have places like this in Malls, since having parks outside isn't really good for the kids due to pollution or them getting lost. :(  Can't wait to take Athan to Gymboree someday!:)

x A.F.A.

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  1. Wow Athan's getting really big na! :) I've always wanted to play there @ Dave's Fun House, but we didn't have any younger kids with us, so.. yeah. Haha!

  2. i just stumbled upon your blog and found it so cute!

    new follower here!

    Rizza <3

  3. wow! i really love playing with those balls! i always bring my nephews to a place similar to this ;]

  4. looks fun! hope Uno will play with other kids too, he's been all alone kasi na naglalaro all day..:P


  5. I'll bring my baby to this place when she's bigger na. Cutie Athan!

  6. aww mother knows best talaga :D that's why i always listen to my mom haha :) athan is sooo cute <3 if we could only be children again and all we have to do is play haha :)

  7. Belated happy birthday to Gersh!! :) Athan's soooooo cute!!! <3

  8. Awww I'm sure Athan loves it that his parents are so hands on :)

  9. Athan is very lucky for having supportive parents :)


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