Birthday Brunch

by - February 25, 2011

Yesterday was the Love Buddy's birthday. Unfortunately, we both got off late from school and work, so we really couldn't celebrate his special day. We just ate dinner, watched Gnomeo and Juliet on my laptop and went to bed. Simple really. That's why today, we spent it by having a birthday brunch at our favorite restaurant, Cibo. :)

Athan munching away!
Whenever my Mom or Gersh and I eat at Cibo, we always have the same combo; Spinach Zola Dip, Prosciutto di Parma Pizza, Farfalle Alla Genovese Pasta and Lemon iced tea with fresh mint leaves. We never order anything else. I don't really know why, but I guess it became our comfort food every time we go there and I highly recommend it. :)

Following our meal, we went around Greenbelt 5 to look around and I got Gersh (the big Lego fan that he is...) a cute mini figure series 3; sumo for his birthday!

photo from Lego
The loot!
We also got Athan this really cute fire truck! The kid is crazy about them, so when asked to pick between a cement or fire truck, he immediately picked the latter. =p And as for me, I got a cute wooden elephant trinket and a ice cream sticker stackers. I can't wait to stick it on my planner!^_^ I feel like my planner's beginning to be a scrapbook with deadline reminders on it. =p And, yes, I can be a kid sometimes, because I love cute things!

MY boys. :")
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIE! I hope we made your birthday worthwhile even though it was just a simple celebration. I love you always!

After our toy store trip, I craved Red Mango for dessert, so we made a trip to GB3 before going home to have my dose of froyo goodness!

Large original with double mangoes and double crushed grahams! 
My cheeks look big in this photo. I think I got fat...........YEY!^_^
LOVE Red Mango and what's good about having it is that, I didn't have to pay a single dime for it. I finally got the chance to use my Php 250 GC and it was pure bliss! Good way to end the day. :)

Vest: coexist | Inside top: mango | Trousers: from mom's closet | Wedges: parisian jr. | Bag : ichigo | Bracelets: charmed life
I hope you all are having a nice weekend!:) Can't wait for another bloggers meet up tomorrow!

x A.F.A.

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  1. OMG! My mom and my sisters order the same food every time we eat in Cibo! Ours are Spinaci Zola dip, but with Foccacia bread, Penne al Telefono, Margherita pizza, and lemon iced tea! All-time favorite!

    Happy birthday, Gersh!
    Miss you, Ava!

  2. Foodmates!^_^ hehe. Cibo is indeed super good. And a fellow filipina is an owner. amazing! Thank you, Keigh! Miss you loads!

  3. Happy happy birthday to your hubby!! :)
    see you tomorrow! :)

  4. CIbo is love! :)
    happy birthday to gersh :)

  5. haha Spinach Zola Dip and Farfalle Alla Genovese Pasta (+grabe shake) is my Cibo combo too :)

  6. Happy Birthday to your boyfriend! :D

    Aaaaaahh~ yummy foooood. *o*

  7. Happy birthday to Gersh! :-)

    And Cibo is one of my go-to restaurants, too! I love that farfalle genovese dish!

  8. I love Cibo's Spinaci dip. Try their menta iced tea it's delish! :)

    Happy Birthday to your hubby! :)

  9. Happy Birthday to Gersh! See you later love! =)

  10. i have yet to try out Cibo! The food shots all look yum! :)

  11. Happy Birthday to Gersh! Love the foods!!! YUM!


  12. Happy birthday Gersh! love the new toys!! :)

  13. yum yum!lovely brunch! and oh Bleated Happy Birthday Gersh!:)

  14. Your outfit is so cute! Parang candy ang kulay. :-)

    Nakakagutom ang foods. And ganyan din kami ng mga kapatid ko. We order the same combo, especially kapag sa Yellow Cab.

    I miss Cibo!

  15. i've been in love with cibo's red grape shake since 2003.. ♥ Belated happy birthday to Gersh. :)

  16. Nice outfit! Cibo is ♥♥♥!


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