Tagging in scribbles!

by - March 11, 2011

Got tagged by Irene a.k.a. The Green Hair Clip and it's basically something about you, but the catch is you have to do it handwritten. :) Thank you for the tag, dear! This was really fun to do. ^_^

My handwriting is inconsistent. One minute it's all in caps, then the next it's small. =P Anyhoo, I pass this on randomly to HONEY, ANA, VERN, KEIGH and SARAH! Hope you, girls enjoy this activity too!

x A.F.A.

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  1. I love your favorite bands! It's all from different kinds of music. :)

  2. wow! it's interesting! unlike mine, boring. Thanks for doing this, Marie! LOL :D

  3. the colors and scribbles are cute.

  4. Hihihi cute cute ng colors <3 Thank you Beb for the tag <3 :)))


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