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by - March 10, 2011

One of 2011's biggest fashion trend is Color Blocking. We've seen it on runways, magazines and the red carpet. It's also one of the trends that I find difficult to pull off, because you need to know how to match your bright and solid colors well. But, I wanted to experiment so I researched and this is what I saw...
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How to color block?

Get your color combinations right

To nail this fashion trend perfectly, choose the right combinations of colours for maximum impact. Colour block colours that work well together include pink and purple, orange and blue, red and pink and cobalt blue and red. Jil Sander’s catwalk show for spring/summer offered the best examples of color combinations for the season.

The brighter the better

If you’re colour blocking from head to toe, make sure the block colours are as bright as possible. Pale colours and pastel shades will look too half-hearted, no matter how much they clash.

Color blocking without colour clashing

If you don’t feel brave enough to clash your colors, you can still wear the color blocking fashion trend by wearing one vibrant shade from top to bottom. For example, wear a long dress in sunshine yellow, eye-popping pink or bright red, as seen at the spring/summer collections of Lanvin and Michael Kors.

Tone the look down with a simple white tee

The catwalk at Moschino Cheap and Chic saw brightly coloured trousers offset with a simple cotton white t-shirt. Wear a white tee in a cotton and silk mix which will drape well and complement bright trousers or skirts beautifully.

Add pops of color with accessories

The easiest way to wear the colour blocking fashion trend is to add an accessory or two in eye-popping colours. A bright pink clutch bag, a pair of neon yellow shoes, a vivid blue bangle or an eye-popping orange belt is all you need to bring an understated outfit up to date this summer. You can find fabulous accessories everywhere on the high street, from Topshop to Dorothy Perkins.

Mix bright colors with light hues

A simple way to tone the look down is by wearing one brightly coloured piece and keeping the rest of the outfit muted by wearing neutral shades. For example, a colour block shift dress in red, cobalt blue or orange will look fantastic with nude wedge shoes.

-Article by Louisa Dennis

So, with that, here is my take on 2011's trend; COLOR BLOCKING, in a very simple way, because it was my outfit for school. I have to consider commuting and the weather, so comfort over layering. =P

I'm not sure if I pulled it off, but I'm willing to try this again. :) That's all for my "THURSDAY IS DRESS UP DAY!" entry. Till the next!

x A.F.A.

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  1. I think you pulled it off quite well. =o)

  2. i love the colors! :) and your shoes! :) you did great!

    would also love to see you pair that blue top with hotpink or orange shorts; and that purple bottom with neon yellow top :) bagay sa yo yun! :)

  3. by the way, i tagged you here:

    want to see more of your handwriting.:) thanks!

  4. I'm so saaaad! I can't view your photos na since this laptop was reformatted. huhu. pati kay aisa ayaw magload ng photos :(

    Melai of Style and Soul

  5. @Irene I'll try your suggestion one time!:) They sound great! Thanks!
    @Melai aww really?:( Is it cos we have big MB's?

  6. you definitely pulled it off! love your trousers and shoes!

    Perfumed Red Shoes

  7. I love to clash my colours! :)


    check me out!

  8. hi ms. Ava! love the colors of your pants, so cool cool! kisses and have a great day!

  9. love your outfit!!! :) hmmm, might try this one out too. :)

  10. Love your version of color block trend. :) I want try that out too!:)

  11. i like your color combination :) i recently bought a pair of red trousers similar to the shade in the second photo. I paired it with my bright blue shirt, the one I wore with ripped jeans a couple posts ago. i liked it very much but my husband told me to change. "ang tingkad ko daw", sakit sa mata! hahaha :)

  12. Of course you pulled it off, Ava! :)

  13. I agree with Irene! Cool colors match awesomely with warmer colors.

    I will definitely try color blocking soon! :D

  14. Hi Ava! Don't worry it looks good on you and I love your shoes! =) you should bring Athan there, there's also an Avilon Zoo in Pasig. I believe it's beside Transcomm near Tiendesitas. take care


  15. You pulled it off, dear! I love the colors you chose. ;)

  16. Ahlavet! Blooming ka 'te!


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