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Went to the Coachella bazaar today, but I didn't really shop. I'm on a strict shopping ban, so I just went there with my boys to pick up a giveaway from one of my sponsors and went window shopping. If you haven't been there yet, I suggest you do. :) They have really nice stuff. A bit pricey, but if you just keep on going around I'm sure you'll find something. :)

I saw blogger friends at the bazaar too!:) But too bad I didn't see Pax :((

Paul, Mike and Nicole!:)
They had a booth at the bazaar and here are some of the things they're selling...

Soule Phenomenon shoes! From the Plush II collection: Slumber Doll and Only The Marvelous. :) Super want the Slumber doll! Pretty!!!

Mike and Karl's, Paradigm Shift. :) Loving the details of this pants!

OS Bone necklaces. :) I really find these amazing. They will surely catch anyones attention when you wear it. :) I love how Paul and Mike style theirs!

Like I mentioned above, I met up with one of my sponsors and one of them is, ARTWINE!:) I met Beam during our St. Scho bazaar with Ana. She's uber nice and cool too! 

I got questions before regarding, where I got my cupcake pouch and it's actually from her shop! Here are some more cute pouches/pencil case you'll see at the bazaar...

She makes them out of felt and cloth. Neat, ya?:)

While we were going around, I saw this really cute feather earrings and kept looking at them from afar. I know I couldn't buy anything, so I just stared. After awhile, I got tired and just went to the booth. The original earring that I saw came in orange, but I saw this beautiful white one hiding at the back and immediately grabbed it. Lucky that the hubby got it for me!:") Athan wouldn't go home without something in hand, so his daddy got him stickers! Hehe! We the sweetest Daddy!

Got a bit hungry after the bazaar, so we had some popcorn, ice cream and scramble to keep us happy!:)

[crop top: oxygen | shorts: lmm | shoes: charles and david | bag: sm]

Since the theme was Coachella, I decided to dress up for comfort and amazingly I was right! I just learned from a Coachella Fashion Guide website when I got home, that you should be effortless chic. Meaning...
  • A bag big enough to fit everything you'll need day and night...
  • Breezy Boho tops...
  • Comfortable shoes (ex. sandals or casual wedges)
  • Denim/ Print/Lace shorts...
  • Hats...
  • And easy dresses...
I know it isn't the real deal Coachella, but why don't we have a little fun with it, right?:) Last day tomorrow, hope you all get the chance to go! Happy Saturday!

x A.F.A.

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  1. awww, wasnt able to go today due to some thesis requirements but tomorrow i'll try, I've been refraining myself from shopping too! kasi i've been spending a lot latey :( hahaha

    i like you effortless but stylish look! i love your satchel! :)

  2. the bone necklaces are quite interesting!! :D and awww cute athan :)

  3. love your cropped top and styling! :) you can pair it with maxi skirt. i think that would look great on you, too! :) and the peace bracelets :) very hippie! :)

  4. Cute pouches! And loooovin' those earrings :D

  5. aww.Can't visit the coachella bazaar!busy with debut prep etc.Love the casual outfit ava :)

  6. Love your top Ava!!! :-D

  7. nice shoes reminds me of the band kiss.

  8. I envy your self-control. Naku kung ako nanjan, wala na! Deads ang wallet. haha I'll try to go there tomorrow!!!

    I heart the earrings! Sweet hubby, totally a keeper! :)


  9. i love your COachella outfit! :) and the stacks of bracelets hehe :)

  10. I'm soooo jealous! Wanna visit the bazaar, too! Hehehe Your bracelets are cute! ^^

  11. wish we have something like this in Cebu! this is really a great event! :)

  12. those earrings are amazing! i CAN'T go to the coachella bazaar. i can't spend, and if i go, i know i won't be able to control myself, so i just have to stay away first! hahaha :)

  13. i love the skull bracelet, its so pretty ava :)
    your son is super gwapo!

  14. You look like you actually are going to the Coachella Music Fest. :) Easy, breezy outfit, very perfect for summer.

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  15. Sayang I missed this, busibusihan! I was in rockwell pa naman nung friday di ko napansin haha.

  16. Cute photos! I went to the bazaar too, but then I didn't really see anything I liked :|

  17. Oh and I think the bracelet was P100+

  18. Love the laid back outfit! :-) Btw, I saw Melai, Aisa & the others but you weren't with them. Too bad! :-)

  19. I was there, LOVE Nicole, Karl & Mike. But my battery died on me! Argh. Lovely buys!

  20. Hello Ava!

    First off, yes, you and your family will surely have a great time at Ace Water Spa! If you have a BDJ may buy-1-take-1 coupon dun. Entrance fee for kids (Ethan :)) is just P250. :)

    Anyway, I love your turquoise and yellow skull bracelet!!! Pretty!

  21. Coachella was fun! So many great finds. The earring you got makes me want to buy a feather earring I found in greenbelt. I took home an O.S. necklace :) So glad we have entrepreneurial fashion designers and enthusiasts now. Hope we have more of these bazaars :)


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