Penshoppe Luncheon :)

by - April 05, 2011

Was invited to attend Penshoppe's Luncheon event today at the Italian restaurant in Dusit Hotel called Tosca. I was really excited for this event, because not only do we get to meet the awesome team of Penshoppe, we also get the chance to bond as a blogkada again!:)

The food was really good! They had buffet for the appetizer, then we were asked to pick between sirloin or salmon for the main course. *Nom, Nom, Nom!*

The tiramisu was heaven! If only we could go for second servings...hihi!^_^

After dessert, Penshoppe started the Q&A portion of the event. I learned a few new things about Penshoppe and one of them is that, they're trying to make fashionable clothes more accessible for people at affordable prices. 

I agree with what they said, because when you go to any Penshoppe boutique now, you can see how fashion forward their clothes are. :) I remember before, they would only have the basic tee or jeans, but now, they've really stepped up!

The handsome Akihiro Sato and gorgeous Bea Soriano!

To follow up what I said about Penshoppe being fashion forward now, here's one the maxi dress from their summer collection. :)

They had a raffle right after and our Melai won a GE camera by Jason Wu! Lucky, girl!!!

My girls: Reg, Pax, Melai, Honey, Vern and Ana! Love them!:)

With Akihiro!=D

Thank you so much to Sir AzraelLace and Penshoppe for the invite! I had a really great time. :)

*photo from Vern

As soon as the event was finished, the girls and I thought of running to the nearest Penshoppe we could find. I guess it's inevitable when you attend events related to clothes. *temptation* haha!:) I sure can't wait for their summer collection, especially the wedges. We heard they'll be coming out really soon for the public. Watch out!;)

Thank you so much to Penshoppe and my blogkada for a fun Tuesday! Hope you all had a great one as well!

x A.F.A.

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  1. wow lucky melai!! :D and gosh the tiramisu looks delish :P

  2. thanks for attending!!!

    ohh here's my blog

  3. Lucky Melai!
    Love your shoes, by the way :)

  4. Oh wow you have a pic with Akihiro!!! Cool :D

  5. You guys are so lucky <3 Love your shoes btw :>

  6. Wow! Looks like you're having the time of your life achie! i'm inggit, but I'm really happy for you. Your blog has turned into a fashion blog and I'm loving the changes! <3 I like how you dress also!

  7. Oh you're all so lucky to get invited to such events! :) Your outfit is so cute, Ava. Love the shoes. The food looks veeeery sumptuous (*drool*). And you got to meet Bea Soriano, what can be cooler than that???

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  8. It was great being with you girls again.. Sobrang sinusulit talaga naten while I'm still here. Hehe.. :) I bought the leather jacket pala yesterday from Penshoppe, ang gandaaaa!!! :D

  9. can't wait for the shoes to be released! you look super pretty :) love the little skirt matched with the blazer and oxfords. so preppy chic ala alexa chung :)

  10. You guys look great! Love your brogues Ava!


  11. Wow! Lucky lucky Melai. :) The food looks delish! :)

  12. Looks fun! Akihiro looks so gwapo :) Love the shoes!

  13. Those food made me want to screw my diet. HAHA! Great outfit! You look so charming! :)

  14. Nice pics. And the food is so mouthwatering :)

  15. sarap nmn ng food! and ang swerte ni Melai! =) Cute outfit as always Ava! =)

  16. K. In fairness ang cute ni Akihiro. =)))

  17. Cute outfit and Bea Soriana looks gorj ;)


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