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by - May 19, 2011

As a kid and until now I remember being crazy about graphics. May it be an icon, a picture on the web or a graphic tee, I love them! That's why when I discovered retail brand, Punchdrunk Panda and the stuff that they sell from graphic designed laptop and iPad sleeves to shoes and camera straps, I flipped!:)

Laptop Sleeves Php 1100
iPad sleeves Php 995

Their stuff are not only funky but also really creative! All their designers are Filipinos, BTW. I give kudos to the brainparents of the brand, Jen Horn and Gail Go for their brilliant designs and successful enterprise. :)

Camera Straps Php 495

The thing that really caught my attention from Punchdrunk Panda is their Skimmers, Plimsolls and Topsiders. I remember buying my very first pair of Sushi skimmers from them and used them over and over until they got worn out, haha!:))

Sushi Skimmers Php 1100
Trust me, they're not just cute. They're actually very comfortable. I can walk in them all day!:)

They come in different designs, so you can choose whatever theme you fancy!:)

PdP is also having a contest for everyone! Isn't that neat?

Winning Php 10,000 worth of PdP is a treat, so join now while you still can! Only 7 days left!

To see more of PdP's items and the contest mechanics visit them at the ff:

x A.F.A.

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  1. I like the strap for the cam. How much do you think it costs?

  2. I want the camera straaaaaps! :>

  3. They have so many cute items. They were at BBM last year. Not sure if you saw them there. I think it was across Ana and Paxie's booth.

  4. i didn't know they had shoes already! so cute! tnx for sharing ava :)

  5. I looove their shoes and camera straps! =))

  6. Oh no, oh no. This is not good for my so-called shoe-shopping band :D

  7. cute brand name!!! :D and i love graphic arts too :)

  8. Ahhh! ganon yung strap ni yolec! D: i've been asking him to buy me one also. haha :P

  9. these items are so cool/fun! love the shoes xxo


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