Back in your arms, Manila!

by - May 22, 2011

Finally back here in Manila and I'm happy to be home again!:) The only sad thing is I'm missing my mom terribly now . :( But, can't wait to see her in two months time. :)

Anyhoo, when I came home last night I was greeted by these two lovely packages!

I was in Taiwan for 3 weeks and never did I expect to come home to packages since I was away for quite awhile. I'm actually sad that I missed PFW and some events, so imagine how happy and surprised I was to see these!:)

First package was from L'Oreal Philippines...

The heat right now is really strong and there are days when you just need protection from Mr. Sun. :) Can't wait to use these! Special thanks to Mikki Galang of L'Oreal Philippines for the awesome loot!

The next package is from my new sponsor; Banana Peel flip flops!

Banana Peel not only gave me two nice flip flops, but they also sent Athan a cute pair!:) I'm really ecstatic about this and can't wait to show you guys!!! Thank you so much to Banana Peel for these goodies and special thanks to Ms. Anna Viray too!:)

My birthday giveaway just ended and I just wanna say thank you to everyone who joined! Winners to be announced within the week!:) I'll be having another giveaway soon courtesy of Banana Peel so watch out for that!!!:)

Now, off to prepare for Athan's Birthday party!:D

x A.F.A.

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  1. awesome haul! :)

    i'm a new follower. :)

  2. welcome home ava! when's athan's bday? we're celebrating nikola's today :)

  3. Welcome home. lovely presents.

  4. welcome back!! :) and belated hbd again to athan ;D

  5. Welcome back, Ava! We missed you! =)

    And oh wow, I will also hold a Banana Peel giveaway soon! =)

  6. Welcome back, Ava! And you even have welcome presents! Unexpected presents are always the best!

  7. Welcome back, Ava and Athan :)

  8. Welcome home! It's freakin' hot here in Manila. You'll definitely need those. ;)

  9. it was nice to see you again Ava! and we enjoyed Athan's party yesterday! :)

  10. Wow you spent 3 weeks in Taiwan? I want to go there too! :(

  11. i miss manila too but i gotta get back to my life. lol! :) it's always nice to get packages especially when you're not expecting them! hehe


  12. Welcome back Ava! I am so jealous with all the surprise package. :) And looks like you had a wonderful vacation, that's great to hear! :)

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