The much awaited-Bloggers United!!!:)

by - May 31, 2011

After all the waiting, preparations and even a typhoon scare, which thankfully didn't happen anymore... Bloggers United finally came to life last May 27th at the Malayan Plaza Hotel. :)

Participating at this event made me realize how fast the blogging community is growing here in the Philippines. We had more than 30 bloggers already present to sell their stuff. What more if you count the bloggers who came to the bazaar to buy? That would be a lot! So, I think it was really great for Pax, Melai and Ana to come up with this event. Not only is it a good way to meet your readers and gain more friends, but it also shows that bloggers can also be a community that can help a good cause such as The Kids Foundation. :)

I would normally come on the said time for bloggers to put up their booths, like around 8AM or maybe 10 AM, but because I had to beat the coding, I got to Ortigas at around 6:30AM. Talk about early bird, right?=P But it was alright. Got to have breakfast with my family first and then around 8-ish, we went to Malayan. It was still early, but it was good, because I got to help around. 

Krissy, Reg, Aie, Earth, Ana, Melai, Pax, Paula and Honey were my boothmates, but unfortunately Melai and Pax were too busy with the whole event, so they didn't sell anymore, while Honey is currently busy with  reviewing for her board exam. :( It would have been more fun if they were all there selling!:)

Krissy fixing our booth!
Boothmates; Marky, Paula and Krissy!

The 32nd floor was occupied by bloggers; Tricia Gosingtian, Patricia Prieto, Domz Tiu, Tin Iglesias, David Guison, Kryz Uy and more. While at the 33rd floor you can find, Vern Enciso, The Plump Pinay, Lissa Kahayon, Rosanna Aranaz, Kookie Buhain, Mike Magallanes, Karl Leuterio, Paul Jatayan, Bestie Konisis, Krissy Cruz, Aie Corpuz, Reg Rodriguez, ME!:) and more. :)

The place was packed with amazing bloggers and their awesome goodies. I myself had to restrain and chant my mantra, "I AM HERE TO SELL AND NOT BUY!" over and over again!:)) If you were on a strict shopping ban, I bet it was absolutely difficult and moreover, you didn't go out empty handed, because the items are just too hard to resist!

While I was selling, I was feeling quite sleepy, but this little girl named, Zoey made me wake up and practically made my selling day complete! She's just SOOO adorable!! Her mom was asking which trinkets she wanted to buy and she was confused on which ones to get. So her mom got her four! Sweet!^_^ Thank you, Zoey!!!:-*

Even though I lacked sleep the night before and I looked super tired during the bazaar, I still can't help but smile, because of all the friends and readers that came by to support us all. :)

With: Kisty Mea of Kisty Kreme,
Our good friend and PR Mel
My former high school batchmate and good friend Keigh Jalbuena
Camille Crisostomo and Nicole Santos of Nicole The Dress Up Doll

With: Paul Chuapoco of PMP communications Co. This guy is awesome! :)
Anna Palaspas of Petite Chiq! So happy to finally meet you!
My good friend, Efril Lagman of Love & a Bad Hair Day!

With: Kai Sensei, Jhen and Rache. Glad you made it despite the rain and thank you so much for the gift!:)
Dianne Dequina of / This girl is the sweetest!

TO ALL MY READERS, IT WAS A PLEASURE TO MEET YOU!^_^ I can't explain how happy I was to see you in person and chat. Made my day!

Of course having an event this big wouldn't have been possible without our very generous sponsors and we couldn't thank them enough for everything!

Sonja's Cupcakes!

And like always, I have my family along with me at events...

Love having them around, even though  I kept chasing Athan!:)) The boy even got a free hotdog! I don't know how he did that. Clever!;) Gersh was sweet enough to drop me food during his lunch break at work and also during dinner. :)

The event finished at around 9PM and we got home around 11. Though tired, I was a happy bean. I got to see almost all my blogger friends again + readers and I got to take these awesome stuff home!

A birthday gift from Jen and Kai! Can't wait to wear the top!^_^ Thank you!

My boothmate, Paula knew how much I was trying to restrain myself from shopping, so she was nice enough to give me this bracelet for free!:) It's SO pretty and pink! I give kudos to her creativity when it comes to wire accessories. Wire God! Thank you again, Paula!!

The overflowing loot bags from our generous sponsors! I love them all! BTW, I fixed some of the loot bags, so hope you liked what you got! ;)

This will always be one of the best blogger events I ever attended and I can't wait for a part two! Keeping my fingers crossed! Congrats again to Pax, Melai and Ana for a successful and a job well done! I love you, girls!

x A.F.A.

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  1. seems like a whole lot of fun! :)) hoping there will be next time!

  2. Its sooo sad I missed this..:( Oh well, there's always next time. :)

    The bracelet looks so great on you!

  3. Thanks Beb! :) I really missed our group that day, and super thank you sa pagsesell ng rings ko kahit wala ako sa booth..anagon collection represent parin! :) <3 Love you and see you joey pep day! :)))

  4. hi ava! was nice to meet you! see you at more events. :)


  5. Wow, amazing how you girls have turned blogging into something more than just blabbering of words :))

    How I wish I was there in Manila that time, I would have totally told my bestfriend about this. She would definitely love your event.

  6. hi ava! your welcome. sorry late ung gifts, haha! it was nice to see you. see you soon! :)

  7. Ava!

    Am the one who bought your fabulous colorful blouse. I love it! I just wore it today. You are so nice. :)

  8. oh wow..looks like one cool event! sayang di ako nakapunta! really wanted to meet pinoy bloggers like you! i started more than a month ago so i don't consider myself a "real" blogger yet! haha..medyo hilaw pa..anyway i enjoyed reading your blog. fun read! following you now! pls visit my site if u can..muah!

  9. doesn't matter if you're new or not, love! everyone was welcome!:D we might have a part2 so hope to see you there!

  10. Wow! That;s a lot of fashion right there. Love it! =)

    I would love to attend events like that one day and see my blogger friends in person and as well as their merchandise. It looks like a lot of fun.


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