Freeway X F. Sionil Jose Collection

by - June 01, 2011

Yesterday I was invited to attend one of Freeway's National Artist Collectors Series event at The Row, Glorietta 5. I believe they already paid tribute to four National Artists before, but what makes this collaboration with Artist for Literature, Mr. F. Sionil Jose different is that, he is actually the first living artist to be featured. Just knowing that alone, made me feel honored to be there and be able to hear what he has to say and having the chance to view his entire collection for the first time. :)

I love how Freeway is not only known for just selling clothes now, but they are also known for giving fashion a deeper meaning and because of their tribute to National Artists through trendy silhouettes, woven tops, dresses and accessories, I am a much bigger fan of Freeway. :)

Lisa Macuja-Elizalde is SO gorgeous! I know she's a mommy and all, but I love how young she looks!
Lourd De Veyra, Lisa Macuja-Elizalde and Ms. Cherie Gil with F. Sionil Jose
I was a bit late for the event and missed the readings/excerpts from Sionil Jose's works by Lourd De Veyra and Ms. Cherie Gil, but fortunately I was able to catch the interview of Mr. F. Sionil Jose with host, Prima Ballerina and Ballet Manila's Artistic Director, Lisa Macuja-Elizalde. The interview was really funny and I find it cute that Mr. Sionil Jose is so in love with his wife. :)

After the program, Melai and I were lucky enough to have a short talk and picture with the man of the hour. I felt really flattered when he actually asked me this: "Did you get the Young Writer book? I signed it." I wasn't able to peek at my press kit yet when he asked me, so I was speechless and extremely shy, so I just uttered, "Not yet po..=)" haha! rewind please!

They also prepared yummy food for everyone. I personally loved the chicken shawarma!:)

Pax, Mira, Me and Reg :)
This is my first Freeway event, so I would like to say thank you to Ms. Mira for inviting me!:)

Also got the opportunity to meet Freeway's CEO, Sheree Roxas-Chua Gotuaco. Love the skirt and dress!

Love them!
Attending this event also meant seeing a few of my blog friends, like Melai, Pax, Alex and Reg. :) Also saw Earth, but too bad we forgot to take pictures. :( Next time!

What I wore...

[lace top/ necklace: taiwan | skirt: c/o archive clothing | shoes: tonic shoes | bag: steve madden]

Here's a view of the collection...

I want the skirts and dresses so much! 

This is what we all took home with us. I think it's my first time to get a book and personally, I'm touched how he took time to sign them all personally. :) Will definitely read this!

The event was intimate and I usually enjoy those kinds of events, so thank you again to Ms. Mira and Freeway for having me at your event!:)

The collection is now available in stores today, so do check them out!:)

x A.F.A.

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  1. I've seen some really nice clothes from Freeway but some are a bit too "loud" for me. This collection's pretty cool though and yes, it must've been such an awesome experience to be with an artist who's still alive and kicking! Hehe. I've read one of his books before but only coz it was required for school :p

  2. Cannot wait! Hope I find something that fits. Their clothes run big on me :D

  3. OMG! I'll check it out soon for sure! Where did you buy your shoes? I wanna get a pair of shoes exactly like that and something in sky blue or royal blue. :)

  4. wish to go on an event like this! :) and I love your pink oxfords ava! :)

  5. wow, im sooo jealous. would've loved to meet him and lourd! paging ms. mira...invite pls. hehe! love your outfit, specially your top and necklace :)

  6. Wow, what a great event! And the designs are pretty nice too! I am loving the white dress with stripes on it, will def check the store this weekend. :) Love the colours in your outfit :)

  7. The event looks amazing and I looove what you wore!!

  8. i love how freeway's collaborating with artists and making wearable art-type of clothes.

    PS super love your lace top and oxfords Ava! :)

  9. wowwwwww

    that's so AWWWESOME :))

  10. I've got a few pieces from Freeway but not this collection yet. We'll check it soon! Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. really interesting and nice coverage and literature blend just perfectly. Kudos! :)

  12. you look so pretty in that colorful outfit Ava! The color is so you! =)

  13. aww, i remember i always check out their stores everytime i see em when i still lived in the phils. ahaha.. :)


  14. beautiful photos sweetie!and a nice post too!following! just posted something. hope you read it!following back!

    visit my blog for daily fashion inspiration!


  15. Looks like an uber fun event, you look fantastic! :)

    The Cat Hag

  16. great outfit! had fun reading your blog! hope to meet you in the future. new pinay blogger here!pls visit my page if you have time..kisses!
    love your blog. fun to read!
    I'm your follower!

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  17. That's insane! F. Sionil is a national artist and treasure. I envy you. Sometimes I can't get over how young you look and that you have a baby :))

  18. Hi Ava! Saw you at the event, you were late! lol :P sorry didn't get to say hi, we were about to leave then. nice to see you in person though! ;)

  19. wow! it is such an honor to meet a national honor. i envy you! :)

    following you! It would be nice if you follow back. thank you! :)

  20. for some reason i really love clothes with writing on them. I think it looks so interesting and chic :)


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