Taiwan day 3!

by - May 04, 2011

Yesterday marks our third day in Taiwan and I must say, I'm really enjoying the weather here. It may be bipolar sometimes, but at least I can feel the cool breeze at night and I don't sweat as much!=P Also, I love the fact that I get to bond with my Mom and Aunt more here with Athan!:)

For our bonding session yesterday, we went to visit two of our favorite stores; ESLITE bookstore and TAIPEI 101!:)
First stop was Eslite and this place is like heaven to me. It's packed with books, notebooks, trinkets, and all the quirky school/office supplies you can think of. Too bad I wasn't able to take that much pictures, because they don't allow cameras. :(
They also have a floor dedicated to kids, so if you love bookstores and wanna keep your kids happy at the same time, then Eslite is the place to be!

They also have a store there that is filled with amazing Vinyl toys and other collectibles! I couldn't help but get myself a tiny TokiDoki cell charm! ^_^

After Eslite, we made our way to the famous Taipei 101 building. It's just a few blocks away from Eslite, so you can walk. :)

It's suppose to be summer here, but whenever it rains, it gets really cold at night. Hence, the coat and Athan in his stroller with the plastic hood down. You can actually see the fog already covering half of the building. =P

It was almost time for closing when we got inside Taipei 101, so Mom decided that we have a nice dinner at Amadeus cafe before heading to Page One bookstore.

As you can see, my left eye is still in a poor condition. :( Hopefully in the next few days it will be better!
Mom and I had salad and OJ with vanilla ice cream. I never imagined that OJ and ice cream would taste SO good together! Try it!:)

Finally, after dinner we still had 30 minutes left, so we rushed to Page One bookstore to buy some books for Athan and have a look around. :)

Here are also some of the few reasons why I love bookstores here...

Wide selection of pens!

Stickers galore! Perfect for planners!

Converse-like pencil case! These are cute! They look like the real deal from afar!

Asian magazines and fashion books!

I wanted to take more pictures, but I was afraid someone might "shoo" me. :)) But I hope I was able to give you a glimpse of my favorite bookstores here!:)

Loving this! Just had to take a photo with my boy!

The MRT!
This is our main transportation whenever we go out. Very convenient. :)

And our loot! Athan's obsessed with cars, so his Momsie got him car related books. :) As for me, I got the Nicholas Sparks book that I've been looking for, a few trinkets, Alice in Wonderland themed stickers for my planner and two Lego mini figures for Gersh! Can't wait to give it to him. :")

Well, that's all for now! If you want me to blog something about Taiwan, just leave me a comment on Formspring!:)

Have a great week, everyone!!!

x A.F.A

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  1. great photos ava! bookstores are love! <3

  2. wow! super linis lang ng MRT! :)) Nice photos!

  3. Wow! I love the bookstores <333

  4. Seems like your having fun! :) I also love pens ans stickers! Used to collect those way back then. Get well soon, Ava! :)

  5. It looks fun roaming around Taiwan with your mom. :) Stay safe Ava! :)

  6. Wow sana maka out of country uli ako :) <3 loving your photos and stories beb! and get well soon--to your eye i mean :)) <3

  7. I looooove the stickers!! Super cute nila! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Taiwan. :) And I hope your eye gets better na talaga.

  8. Fun times :) Especially the one with the fog on the building. Funny how Athan's sleeping in the stroller on the Fashion 101 photo. Too cute :))

  9. my bad! i thought athan was left here in the PI. he's with you pala. lovely photos from taiwan. :)

  10. I knew you'd get some stickers! lol! Miss you Ava! Enjoy your bonding time with mommy dear! =) *hugs!

  11. i can see that the weather there is cold! your baby is wearing jacket. awwww... its so hot here in manila :(

    i love school supplies! i can live inside a bookstore. and omg! stickers!

  12. I'm glad you're enjoying the weather! It's hell over here. Bwahahaha! And please send my regards to your mum! I miss her!

  13. Patsan!! Will do! I'm sure she misses you too!:)

  14. taipei 101....nice! haven't been there but my dad says it's really nice! this is really exciting, can't wait to see more taiwan posts from you :)

  15. those converse pencil cases are cool! grabe naman ang weather, pero mas mainam na yan kesa matunaw dito sa pinas. grabe ang init!

  16. Great photos! I never reached Taiwan, but I'd like to one day.
    I was so happy when they kissed, I cheered so hard, haha!

  17. Pictures are so cute!! :> I like bookstores so much too! I love colored pens, cute notebooks and stickers! Haha. And books! I love reading books! :DD

  18. Looks like you're having a blast! I'd like to visit Taiwan, too, soon! I hope I find the time. Oh what I'd give to be somewhere cold right now!

  19. BOOKSTORES!!! A kindred spirit.

    AND, their MRT is super nice! and NEAT. and CLEAN.

  20. Every book starts with PAGE ONE. Ah I miss that bookstore!

  21. wow! looks like you're having so much fun there in taiwan!!! i love all those pens, notebooks & stickers! such a sucker for those kind of stuff!!! and those japanese magazines!!!! droooool!

  22. what? the taipei 101 closes even before the page one bookstore does? that's weird. but it's great that you're exposing Athan to books/bookstores at a very young age. :)


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