The Yoko Ono on Status' May issue!

by - May 05, 2011

Status is indeed the kind of magazine that I consider filled with culture. Imagine, Yoko Ono on the cover?? Beautifully illustrated too! The Status team has really done a great job! So, don't forget to grab this issue!!

They'll also be having a party at Fiamma this week to celebrate this issue! Too bad I won't be around, but don't miss out on this!:)

For more info visit STATUS!

x A.F.A

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  1. Hi I just discover your blog and I have ti say I love your photo ! I follow you via Google Friend and I can't wait your nest post ♥


  2. Super cute cover! I'll definitely grab a copy. :)

  3. ok I have never heard of this magazine..but just by this cover and the artwork I want to read it
    great post love!

  4. great cover!! and btw, i love your new header ava!

  5. love the red rose that she's holding on the illustration. :)


  6. I've never seen this magazine in newstands yet...Is it new? What kind of magazine is it, fashion?arts?lifestyle? It seems interesting.

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  7. yoko ono is an icon! :) i love her wit and wisdom. if you haven't been following her on twitter, please do. :) she has a beautiful mind. :)


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