TOPS Bloggers Bash!

by - July 31, 2011

I've attended a couples of events because of blogging, but I think this is the first time that I have experienced a brand that dedicated a night for us bloggers. :)


Class picture?:)
Sarah and me!

With Nicole and Jonard :D
Even if the weather was bad, we braved it together and went to V58 at Home Depot, Ortigas for the Bloggers Bash. Surprisingly a lot of us were present and since we knew each and everyone, it wasn't hard to mingle. We were pretty much chatterboxes that night!=P

Me, Ana, Vern, Keigh and Bestie :)



I'm not really a night club or clubbing person, but with these girls, it's a whole different thing. I always enjoy being with them. Especially if my Love Buddy's around!;)


Oh and of course, fashion doesn't stop. Look at Melai's really cute shoes!^_^ I'm SHOE-in love!


I know a lot of people already know about TOPS, but for some of you who don't, TOPS a.k.a. The Off Price Store is actually a store that caters to people who like buying imported brands but at a cheaper price and no, they're not fake. Big No-No. 



We were given a short talk about how they want to serve their customers and community efficiently and effectively. They actually serve the community by giving back to charity. Socially responsible! Amazing, right? You can also find the best brand names at their store with the quality you recognize and a place where you can spend less and get a whole lot more. Hence, their motto: Less is more!:) 

After the talk, we had a game wherein we had to come up with new words from the existing: TOPS: THE OFF PRICE STORE words... Let the game begin!
forming our groups!


My groupmates and I hard at work!=P Our team captain was Bestie!


The other team with Pax as their team captain!:)


Time to check who has more words...

My teammates!


Believe it or not, it was a tie!:) Yey! Prizes for all of us!^_^

The prizes doesn't end there, BTW. After the game, TOPS had a raffle too!



Sarah kept cheering my name while they were raffling and I was cheering her as well. Guess who ends up winning...


haha! we both did!:)) Go, S.T.!!=D

Aside from that we were also give a RED STAR card where we can present to stores for discounts. I love!!:)



With Pax and Catch :) Going home with our awesome loot from TOPS!


[dress: edc | shoes: nine west | feather earrings: courtesy of CROW]

It was really awesome for TOPS to do this for us. The night was fun indeed! Thank you for the invite! Cheers to TOPS! Can't wait to visit their store near us. ;) 

x A.F.A.

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  1. Congrats on winning the game and on nabbing the raffle prize, too! It's nice to see that there were many bloggers undaunted by the rain :)

    Melai's shoes are love! You look gorgeous Ava!

  2. haha im not surprised you won, Ava! =P i think you should be nicknamed as LAVA = Lucky AVA. hahaha! =P looks fun! =)

  3. yey! congrats on winning! that's what you call "the secret"--telling the universe who you want to win and getting it! galing!


  4. It's nice to see having bloggers gather in one event. Wish we could have one here in AC.

  5. Congratulations. You actually deserve the raffle prize! To be honest, I haven't been here for a while and yet the surprise your blog gave me.. I'm just happy for you! You've come a long way :) And did I mention that I like your banner? <3

    Take care always

  6. Hi Ava :) Nice to bump into you last Friday at Podium. When you said you were going to Tops, I heard "world topps" and assumed you were going to stop by for dinner before heading out. Haha! Bobo :)) See yah!

  7. Thank you for coming to the TOPS Blogger Bash! (Especially in that rain!)

    We will make sure that you are personally invited to the next wild and crazy event!


  8. Thanks Ava for coming...a first of many events to come :-) See you around!

  9. LOL, ST! my new nickname :P this was a super fun night, last night was fun din, loved "onse". hope there's another one soon! :)

  10. Aww! This is such a nice event! I met Sarah when my sister and me went to Manila for Incubus. We plan to go back soon. Wish to meet you din, Ava. :)

  11. fun event indeed! see you around!:)

    catch of Catch.G


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