Valii event + Last day with HoneyBee!

by - July 24, 2011

Time is gold as the cliche goes and when someone close to you finally leaves, you somehow feel that  the statement of time being precious is true, because you suddenly know that time is flying and the day is already over. My sentiments exactly when I attended the Valii event together with my blog friends and also the last event that we get to spend with Honey.





With Krissy, Reg, Earth and Honey

The event was held at Manila Peninsula Hotel, where the posh and elite people gathered for the launch of renowned jewelry designer, Anita Chan's Valii watches.

Tessa Prieto Valdes, Abs and Grace Lee


The hosts for the night was Tessa Prieto Valdes, Abs and Grace Lee. They were also joined on stage by Anita Chan herself and her partners: Fashion Designer, Michele Sison and Advertising and Marketing strategist, Arnold Vegafria.

The main highlight of the event was the showcase of their watches and rings on models...








The watches are quite pricey, but they're really elegant.


Left: Ogling at the models with Honey | Right: With vavavoom, Keighers!^_^


Photo together with Honey. Sigh. I miss you already. :'(


*photo from frank!*
Our family! Its incomplete cos the others couldn't make it, but they're not only blog friends, we're a family!:) 

After the launch, some of the girls had to leave and rest of us who stayed decided to have dinner at Amici, Ayala Triangle and make the most of our time with Honey.




I swear, Reg is so cute in these photos haha! She's looking at Earth's ice cream!^_^

When our late dinner was over, Reg, Earth and Tracy had to leave and the trio of Ana, Honey and Me were the only ones left behind. Aside from my mom being stuck in Eastwood, I honestly didn't want to leave yet, because I couldn't really accept that fact that Honey had to go already. We spent our last hour at Coffee Bean and we didn't spend it being all emo. We actually laughed our hearts and tush off!

We talked about the most random things, like "Nissan" and the "Tassel-less belt" (secret na lang kung ano yun!=P) It was so funny... I wish we thought of doing VLOG while we were talking. Like Ana said, it would have been fun to rewatch those moments. :") I don't think the three of us ever laughed that much together. It was the best-last day bonding.


See what I mean? haha! Thanks to Beb Ana for this photo!

I miss you, Honey. I believe we all do and It breaks my heart to see a genuine and a big hearted friend like you go. But I know through this you'll be able to fulfill your dreams and now you get to be with your family whom you've missed terribly. Knowing all those, we're very happy for you. :) Please promise to VLOG more often, so even through that we could still feel that you're just beside us, talking and laughing with us. I love you, Honey! Thank you for being a great friend to all of us. Like the girls said, this isn't good-bye... Just see you later!~xx

x A.F.A.

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  1. we're missing honey:(

    love ko outfit mo here avs, ava-aura in jeans :))

  2. Awwww, I feel you Miss Ava! You're making me cry :'(

  3. i feel so bad about freaking out and ditching the event after 5 minutes:( this made me feel sad about honey leaving. you guys really do look broken-hearted :(

  4. Awwwww.... Nakaka-touch naman this post... Thank you.. I'm really happy that you see me in that light because although we only got to know each other online, I see you guys like my real friends.. Like yun parang mga friends na nakilala ko lang din sa personal.. Love you and I'll super miss hanging out with everyone..

  5. aww ang saya naman ng bonding niyo. always a great way to end the day with friends. =)

  6. you ladies are so lovely!!! i want those shoes ava!

  7. It shows that you will really miss Honey. Awww.

    Love you shoes, btw!

    Studded Bliss

  8. Love your shoes here Ava! :D

  9. Aww it's really sad to see some friends come and go but what's important is you made the most out of each moment that you guys were together right? :)

  10. It looks like you has loads of fun! I love the photos ;)

  11. i love our family pic ava! more soon! and yeah, can't wait for honey to be here again! :/


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