Transports of delight!

by - July 25, 2011

This is gonna be one random entry. But I don't mind, so I hope you don't either. =P

Last Saturday, the family and I went with my Mom to meet up with her friends at MoA for a little reunion and since we didn't have much to do, we decided to just sit on one area after our dinner and take pictures. Vain, I know!



My uber supportive life partner slash love buddy!


Athan has a fetish for ears right now and he ALWAYS wants to touch my ears or his Daddy's ears and says, "DADDY'S EAR!! MOMMY'S EAR!! Good hiding place..." haha! I honestly don't know where that came from!



Spot the fingers crossed.... haha! SO precious, funny and such a happy boy. I love you to bits!

Of course after my Mom's reunion, a little OTD won't hurt, right?=P


Where's Athan?=P

[top: greater good | skirt: coexist | flats: courtesy of posh pocket shoes | bag: coach ]

Finally got to wear my Posh flats with an outfit post! Let me tell you, they're REALLY comfy! No kidding! I recommend Posh Pocket shoes. They're the best when you've had heels on for such a long time and wanna rest your feet and they're also stylish. ;)

And now for the random part...

If some people are happy because they got to shop for new clothes, bags, accessories or shoes this weekend, I on the other hand am happy with something old...



While I was eating dinner with Gersh, my Mom randomly went down the stairs and handed me her old pair of Ray Ban Clubmaster! I was surprised to know that she owned a pair and I never knew about it!:)) How could I have not known all these years?? She's had this during her younger years and I truly admire my mom for always keeping her things in condition. :) I've been wanting a Ray Ban Clubmaster for a long time and this being old and my mom's, made it a WHOLE LOT better!^_^ Thank you so much, Mom!!!

Another random thing is this Moleskine-inspired ruled notebook. I was ogling at this at NBS last saturday and Gersh was sweet enough to get it for me cos I'm broke. :")


Love it! I don't know what to put in it yet, but definitely don't wanna waste it. Will think of something. :)

That's all! Hope you all had a nice weekend! Now off to another week of school! God Bless, everyone!

x A.F.A.

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  1. Aaaah! Ur so lucky Ava! My dad had one too but the gold rimmed ones, but it broke when I was in elementary. You're lucky to have a mom who cares for things :)


  2. New notebook, family time, and a "pamana" fashion item from your mom <3 Wow, lovely weekend beb :) <3

  3. Mom has one, too! Sameeee! :>
    Our parents are so stylish back then. Hahahahaha!

    Cheska ♥

  4. love the eyewear and the notebook! Cute Athan! :)

  5. So cute, this is truly a *delightful* post, Ava! ♥

  6. Ang sweet naman ni Gersh! And even though I really know na mom ka na parang hindi! Aaaah. Ms.. little brother mo?? Haha :) My mom and I have the same quality, since we've had such a small house, we've always wanted to get rid of clutter hence, we always throw or giveaway stuff as much as she can so I hardly have any pamanas of some sort when it comes to fashionable items ganyan. haha :)

    melai of Style and Soul

  7. This post made me smile. :) You have such a beautiful family, Ava. And your little boy is just waaaay too cute! I love that old pair of RayBan, and your new notebook is nice as well. :) I have so many notebooks that aren't used yet because they are so nice I don't want to waste them with my nonsense doodles. Haha!
    Mars of fashion insouciance

  8. Cute shoes! And I love your mom's old sunglasses! It's such a classic :)


  9. I love your family pictures, Ava! Cute din ni Athan hehe nakakatuwa ang hilig niya sa ears? First time to hear something like that from a kid :p Love the color of your notebook! I'm sure you'll express your creative side with that, too ;)

  10. hangkyut ni little boy Athan! at ang ganda nga nung shades, complete with sentimental value pa! <3

  11. Great time with your family! :) that's the sweetest :)

    btw, I am your new follower of your cool blog :) Hope you will visit my new page and follow too :)

  12. Oooh I want some Posh flats too! <3

  13. aww, nice family pictures there.. :-) btw, where did you get those posh flats?

  14. you have a lovely family ava! my mom gave me her vintage waferers too but i've always loved the clubmasters too. so understated chic! :)

  15. Hi Ava! I've been hearing good things about those flats :) I should really check them out. Wow! I've been mulling about getting a pair of clubmasters. Think you just sealed the deal.

    Hey, sorry about the mix up on the giveaway! Thank you so much for joining :)

  16. Love the sunglasses! I have something similar but with clear lenses. And OMG I just bought that notebook. As in, kanina lang. I wanna buy a lot 'cause I know good things like this run out in Natio. And they never restock. Meh

    And yes, I'm close friends with Michael. We're in the same course! :D

    x sPam of frou-frou

  17. Love the shooooes and the sunglasses! Props to your mom, they look new pa rin. :)

    Haha and kulit ni Athan! Mommy's ear and daddy's ear! :))


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